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Begonia bogneri trade for Nepenthes (1 B. bogneri plant) plus giveaway (2 plants)

I posted this in another forum on Saturday. Since I'm surprised there have been no takers, at least for the free (for postage) ones, I'll post again here, with a link:


This is a really cool Begonia, usually grown as a terrarium plant. Not only does it grow under similar conditions as many carnivorous plants (on the warm end of the spectrum), it's an epiphyte and a miniature, and can no doubt be grown as an "extra" plant inserted into the moss or soil of a plant in a mesh pot.

It's also a favorite (but hard to find and often overpriced) of those who raise little frogs and similar creatures indoors.

One photo (more in the link) of a plant in bloom, in a 3 inch pot. The leaves are a bit curled up because it has had an inverted clear plastic cup over the top. In a spacious terrarium, the leaves would be straighter.

Woah I am totally interested in this plant! I like Begonias and I have never seen one so unique before.

How do I get in on this?

Why don't I just send you one--you just sent me something for completely free. So all three plants remain. I'll email you tomorrow.

I would be very interested in one of these. I don't have any Neps for trade, but I do have several other plants you might be interested in. If nothing else I can definitely pay it forward with a giveaway.
I'm interested, only nep I have for trade are unrooted N. gracilis. But I have lots of other things. PM sent.
By the way, I still have at a minimum one of the free (for postage) plants available. The plant(s) to Dexenthes were not part of the offer.
Hi Randy,
I'd be interested in adding one to my collection. If you're looking for any plants. I work at a nursery and also have a collection of carnivorous plants, and succulents mostly. I also have rosemary rooted cuttings. Also dried rosemary for cooking with(from my gardens).

Um or I can send you a payment for postage through paypal.

These are all taken at this point. However, if someone does have interesting Nepenthes cuttings, seeds, plants, etc. I always have more of these plants.