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Beginner's Giveaway

I have been the beneficiary of several recent giveaways, now I would like to give back to the community by hosting my own. I would like to limit this to members with small collections just starting out in the hobby. The winner will receive a starter package of three plants: Sarracenia 'Scarlet Belle', Dionaea muscipula 'Pink Venus', and Drosera capensis. US residents only please, I will cover the postage. Pick a number from 1-100, a winner will be chosen by a random number generator on July 18th. Good luck to all who enter!
17- If is still qualify as a beginner
only want the pink venus I have the others

I only have 2 vfts

im def a beginner 69....giggity....i already have a typical capensis so if i win ill do a sase after a week or so after it is healthy enough to ship again or maybe you can keep it and do a sase? cross that bridge if we get to it i guess.
21 im mostly intrested in the sarrencia and pink fly trap. thanks tony
If you decide to split the plants up I would love to add the drosera to my collection. If not I would still like to enter!
Thank you for your offer, Travis
74- tatorger
if i win the capensis is yours :)
22-if its not too late
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Random.org generated 65 as the winning number, cpbobby is the closest and will receive the package. PM me your shipping address please.
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plants rcd.....thank you!

pm sent tatorger