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Back from the dead

I had a Drosera nidiformis which I received from someone else a couple months ago, and it was in suspended animation until today, where it finally produced a trap.

Here's the original plant to the left of the Sarracenia psittacina.

Today I noticed a trap. I transplanted the plant to its own pot a week ago.
Excellent! Did you let it flower before it died? From what I've read they can die back to the roots after flowering, but can come back.
geez!!! i wish many of my now dead CPs would do that! super cool! congratulations buddy!!! :boogie:
Nidiformis definitely does seem to do this a lot. Mine disappear like they're completely dead all the time, then come back just fine.
DavidA, when I received them they were already "dead." I thought it was dormancy until I found out nidiformis is a tropical Drosera.
I also have had this happen with several species of dew including nidiformis. It seems like they wither and fail and I ease up on the watering and forget about them and a few months later they spring back up. Sometimes I think I may be overwatering. Because of that suspicion I have taken all of my dews out of standing water and planted most in larger "bog" like containers with drainage holes. Without the standing water available anymore I have to water about once a week.

The plants that have "failed" seem to come back and recover fastest when the soil is just damp and not kept wet. This seems weird to me because all I have read and heard about drosera in general is that they need to be in standing water.
For me, the plant came back when I watered it more, although I don't think it was in shock due to lack of water. It was in my backyard, so maybe there was not enough light and it was winter too, so it was probably a combination of factors in my case.