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Auction closed!  Thank you!


Moderator Schmoderator Fluorescent fluorite, Engl
Aug 25, 2001
Richmond, Virginia/Zone 7
The NASC Benefit Auction 2006 is done! It was a smashing success.

I hope you all realize the importance of your participation. All donations and bids were generous. I hope you understand that even if you didn't win something you bid on, your participation counted in a most important way. The money we raised over these past two weeks will go for NASC operating costs and also to help Rob Sacilotto at Botanique. Rob has great plans for his plants and we hope that we will provide some assisance to maintaining his fabulous collection of Sarracenia.

I apologize for slight delay of closing. Since the forums are opened and closed manually, we can't promise it will close on the dot of the hour (that's stated in the rules). We will have to disallow bids past Copper's closing post time. I think that is the fair thing to do since the auction's closing time was 8 p.m. central.

Thank you all for your overwhelming support of the auction. You proved once again that you are the best people on the planet and that you CARE about the future of Sarracenia for generations to come. It is only with your support that we will meet our goals for the future.

I hope it was fun. I hope everyone won a little something. I hope you are proud of helping a good cause!