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Arisaema sikokianum

Arisaema sikokianum is a plant that up until now I have struggled to keep alive. In my previous attempts it has flowered and promptly rotted off. I'm trying it again with much improved drainage and being very careful with watering. I'll report progress.

Very nice!
Beautiful ! I love this species. I just picked one of these up to put in my Japanese half barrel planter along with Cypripedium japonicum, Pleione formosana and some other native Japanese perenials. The corm has sprouted and is now an inch or two above the media which consists of lfs, pine needles, pine bark fines and humus. I'll have to overwinter the planter in the basement since most species growing in it are only hardy to Zone 7. I'll take some pics of mine as it progresses.
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I love this one too but my soil is heavier than it likes. Cthulthu the planter may be a good idea for drainage and I may have to try that. I have A. amurense blooming right now and a ton of the native and easy A. triphyllum just emerging (still love them!). I also have a pale form of A. lobatum blooming. A couple of others will come up later.
Very nice! Still waiting on my A. triphyllum to make an appearance, but I just snagged the other native Arisaema, A. dracontium at a native plant sale yesterday.
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No.2 has decided to flower.


No.3 has sent up leaves so there will be no flower from that one this year.
That has to be one of the most remarkable species of the whole genus, Fred! Gorgeous. Makes my Dracunculus vulgaris seem -- well -- vulgar!
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Nicely grown young man :D
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These plants look like beautiful candle sconsces. Very nice.