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Anything that goes BANG!

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Mossberg 500 is the classic multifunctional shotgun, does a little bit of everything pretty well.
Been around forever too....
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Mossberg 500 is the classic multifunctional shotgun, does a little bit of everything pretty well.
Been around forever too....

We're loving it..
And for $200 it's worth every penny.
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whoa I'd hate to be on the receiving end of that,..

That's exactly what I said right after I racked the first empty shell out of the chamber.
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I had a Mossberg 500 for ages, and loved it. The guys who play 3 gun around here convinced me to get a Benelli, and while I still like Mossberg, all I can say is it's worth the extra $$$

Benelli Nova 24", with an extension that lets me put 9 in the mag tube.
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Lots of super cool stuff in this thread! I don't have anything really old, or super duper cool... but here are my faves which I had out for a quick cleaning/look over the other night, including my "super carry" (carried if I don't feel like carrying) Ruger LCP Arizona Centennial edition with Lazer, my other carry Springfield XD .40, Springfield XD 9mm is the wife's and of course the Colt AR15.

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A whole heck of a lot better than my stash of one, Andrew! Nice collection.

I'm still on the fence whether I should get a CCW and a small carry. I probably should.
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that AR15 is pretty cool.. Would love to fire a few dozen off from that bad boy.
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Very nice everyone,

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Mass, they're fun. I went through a short morning class with one. I'm working on getting a lower while they're still legal to buy in CA.

Come on in, Av! The range is free and the ammo plentiful!

I forgot to add.... I asked about Appleseed, and I was steered to another class instead. This class will do the same thing, teach me the basics, and get me rolling. I'll earn that patch, some day soon. Just you watch! With a tired, old, little carbeeeen. :lol:

ETA: I was reading that thread you gave me, Av, and I was reminded of my day shooting yesterday, and how I could hear the *POP* of the bullet hitting the target 100 yards away. BANG! .... pop! Addicting. I have heard the pop at 200 before, too. Not bad at all for a leetle carbeeeeen.
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This post contains more of a "ping" nature than bang... :-))

Back yard toy.... break barrel .22 cal suppressed pellet gun. haha!


The kids have learned how to shoot on airsoft and BB/pellet guns, but had yet to shoot a real gun mainly thanks to my lack of a .22 cal. Then we heard of a shooting event for the kids in a nearby town- so we took the trip. Even ended up in the newspaper. :p Not sure why he chose to use the pic of me with a goofy smile... but anyway- I was having a great time watching my kids plink off targets that were waaaay further and a bit smaller than what they were used to. http://www.svherald.com/content/local-news/2013/06/30/355644 aww they took it down already. :(

Here are some pics my wife took of me and the kids....

Caiden tried out a compound bow


Caiden shooting the ram (2nd furthest target, you can see the closest over our heads and the target we are shooting welded to the stand)


A bunch of the partipants running out to stand up the targets... you can see the furthest set there on the right. Caiden is straight ahead of this barrel. (all guns are verified "made safe" before anyone runs- don't worry!)


Laurel shooting (you can catch a glympse of my super comfortable Ruger being carried IWB here)



The ride home..... ahhhh silence!!



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Ha ha ha! That looks like a great event. It's always a sign of happy kids when they go home sleeping, right?
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Indeed! Generally this even was for the gun club member families only... but they ran out of kids (grew up)! So they opened it... Hopefully they have it open next year too... I've contemplated joining just for this, since I won't be shooting with them any other time in the year. We'll see!
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I just joined a local rifle club, both for the benefits of having a group to poll for help and for better access to the 200 yard range. :cool: We had our monthly juniors acitivity last weekend, and they ran out of stuff for me to do, so they plunked me down at a bench with a 22L and told me to get busy. LOL!
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nice AR Andrew.....the wife has finally decided we need to get hers put together....a police officer friend offered us some parts at a good price so she said order up the rest thats needed and get it put together....
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