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Anything that goes BANG!

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Just for fun....

Today I was out practicing at 50 and 100 yards. I shot three Dewars. Whew! When you find yourself in a comfy position that seems to work for you, you are supposed to holler up a friend, or better, the coach if you have one, and have them get pictures of you in position. We didn't get any that included my feet, but this one's cool enough. :D I can point out all sorts of technical stuff, and a couple things that need fixing, such as cheek placement and tightening the shoulder straps, but all-in-all, it really does look good.

The hat is an essential part of my gear bag. It keeps my flyaway hair out of my face. Once this morning the hat fell off, and immediately the hair went into my nose, eyes, and even INTO the rear sight. Arrrrgh!

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Prone match today. 50 shooters, wow! I got third in Match class, a group for all the super hot rods, and I placed fourth overall. I'm sooooo tired!

Raffle prize. It's just my size.

A trophy! Woot! I've never earned a real one before, only the "Guts & Glory" trophy at a regatta for a breakdown mid-race.

Not pictured, I also got 25 linked .308 rounds, broken into 10, 10, & 5 rounds for some sissy CA law, that someone painted the tips orange on. The paint is still fresh, I can smell it. :p Sorry, not real tracers. It would be COOL if they were!
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Hey all. FNG here. I don't know why I was surprised to see some hardcore shooters here.

While I'm light-years from competition level, I have a modest collection that I enjoy plinking at Tannerite with. :p

My handguns are a G-27 with some goodies, and my baby, a Ruger GP-100 6" blued.

For long guns / rifles, I have the ever-present 10/22, 12 ga. Mossberg 500, I also have a 12 ga. Baikal sporting gun. (Useful in my wax slug experiments :p)

Then the interesting stuff (for me):

M1 Garand

(2) Mosin Nagants, both Izevsk, 1933 hex and 1943 round. Both are quite accurate.

Norinco Type 56 SKS, my most recent gun. Too much fun, and cheap to shoot. :)
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Pics or you aint got em! :awesome:

I wish tannerite were legal here.
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Tracers aren't legal in Ca?

Man.... I have a whole box of pull downs... Never loaded them up.

You aren't missing much.

Moving soon, new county sheriff signs form fours! SBR, and suppressors here I come!

And the newest AR build is on hold until the move is done.

Congrats on the trophy! Come on over to the dark side! Get a Garand!
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Alright, since Stinkpot did me the favor of thanking me, and making it look like I said something useful on this forum :p

I'll put up some pics. The least I can do.

My milsurps. I was also mistaken on the dates of the Mosins. 1932 hex and 1942 round. The Garand is a *******ized CAI cast receiver (I know, I know: horrible). But it was all I could find and/or afford. It's blown through a couple hundred rounds without a hitch, though.

Gun rack full by the_bugman_cometh, on Flickr

My darling, my baby...my first handgun, bought with my tax return as soon as I was old enough to own handguns. It's actually a 1989 model, but when I sent it in to Ruger for maintenance, they sent it back looking like this. I LOVE Ruger.

Ruger GP-100 by the_bugman_cometh, on Flickr

My 10/22 w/ Archangel stock and Brownell scope. Doesn't shoot worth a damn unless I'm using CCI standard velocity. I'm in the market for a new barrel. It's also got a couple Volquartsen internals and a homemade recoil buffer.

Pimped 10-22 by the_bugman_cometh, on Flickr

Mossberg 500 w/ hydrographics, red-dot, and....whatever the hell you call that kind of stock. I meant it to be my home-defense weapon, but realized the cheapy katana I keep by my bed would work better in a half-asleep state. Also...if you're wondering why in the heck I'd put a red-dot on a shotgun...it's because I can slam 6 12-ga. slugs into a 4" pattern at 50 feet, that's why. :p

Mossburg 500 by the_bugman_cometh, on Flickr

And finally, my carry gun. Duracoated G-27 w/ matching cross-draw holster and aftermarket parts.

G-27 by the_bugman_cometh, on Flickr

...and another pic showing off my DPM systems magnetomechanical recoil reduction system. (Say that five times fast)

G-27 internal by the_bugman_cometh, on Flickr

Enjoy! :p

(Edit) in the interest of full-disclosure, I no longer wear my G-27 when out and about, because to be perfectly honest, I'm not that great of a shot with it. It stays in the trunk, or in the passenger seat, in case of emergencies. I'm over the juvenile desire to have people see me with a gun because it's cool. That's idiotic. I want it for protection, but until I get more practice with it, it's reserved for life-and-death situations only.

This summer I plan on keeping a practice regimen of at least 100 rounds a month until my patterns improve. I can shoot my GP-100 extremely accurately, but I'm not willing to have it confiscated while a self-defense case is being investigated. :p
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100 rounds a month? That's about the minimum I shoot each weekend. :p Nice looking guns, Zath.

Del Ray, what's a pull-down?
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100 rounds a month? That's about the minimum I shoot each weekend. :p Nice looking guns, Zath.

Del Ray, what's a pull-down?

<.< I said at least. Gimme a break here. I said I wasn't a competition shooter. :p
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I've been away for a while, hopefully I can do a better job at keeping this thread active. :D

I've been busy with the juniors program, as seen here: http://www.scvrc.com/4h_scout.htm

There aren't any pictures of me, probably not for a while. Eddie is too busy teaching to remember to get photos. Once I start helping out more and sharing the work, then maybe. I have a lot of learning to do myself, first.
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Here's the nearly finished "Hippie Gun." I made this stock especially for my 10/22. It just needs a butt plate.