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Anything that goes BANG!

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I just did the trigger spring on mine. It tickles my funny bone that I can see the spring, right there behind the trigger, but I have to completely disassemble the trigger group to get to it. :lol: I did OK, running off a memory of a YouTube video seen the night before, though my first reassembly try ended up bypassing the safety. The second try got it right. The 10-22 had a trigger kit put in it. It's nice. It's a one-stage trigger, so there's very little movement before it releases.

Nice job, Bobby. Keep tinkering!
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Long, long day at practice today. Gorgeous weather, though. I went to go watch the juniors league before the regular club practice started, and found myself plopped down with the kids popping away at a target at 50 meters. What fun! It's almost peaceful when the activity is limited to .22 only. :D I did OK, I know I've done better, but my only possible excuses are that I lost my regular safety glasses and had to use foggy, scratched ones, and that I had a new variable to deal with: wind. I still had FUN.

Here is the first target sheet. I did so-so. Notice the vertical string on the top right bull. Interesting. Breathing, probably. I swear I was holding my ... oh. Ya gotta hold it the same each time. Gotchya. Next time.

Here's an anomaly that appeared on the next sheet. This proves that one, I'm capable of doing VERY well, and two, I'm doing something wrong. LOL! Whatever it was that I was or wasn't doing here, I need to figure out. That's four shots in one little cluster, and one loner. I know that one -- I got out of position to clear a jam.

Last sheet. The little wind flags were taken down, and none of the grasses and bushes wanted to help me out by indicating wind. Oh, well. Notice the tighter groups, mostly. Heh! I will keep practicing. I was offered use of the club's Anshutz rifles, and invited to join the juniors league at a tournament in April. I think I might just do that. I'll definitely give the Anshutz a go. Or two. Or more.

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I got pics! I had a friend help me out, and capture a picture of me shooting a modified H&P M12. Heavy brute, even with the shortened barrel.

To ease the strain during practice, I take breaks and shoot tennis balls. I usually get bored hitting the ball, it's just way too easy, so I go after the 1/16" wire instead. Iron sights, FTW!

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Why does this always happen?

I join a forum and they have an illicit firearms thread?

I can't post pics of everything, I think I just got over forty a few weeks ago.

But I've got a M1 carbine, which I don't shoot very often. I've got an M1 Garand, which I certainly shoot much more.

I work part time at a local gun store, they bought the Garand and then found out the barrel was shot. So I bought it from them for 300, bought a match barrel for 200, and had my gunsmith do a final chamber ream. For about 600 bucks I've got a very nice shooter.

Lets see, one AR-50 break barrel, I make the offer to all forums. If you find me a place in MI that lets you shoot 50, in the lower peninsula, we can meet there. I'll bring the rifle and enough ammo to sate your thirst.

Two BCM middies. One is 16", that's the wife's. Mine is 14.5", with a pinned flash suppressor. One standard AR, its the first one I built so I keep it for sentimental reasons. I'm currently building three more. Another 14.5 BCM, but with a flaming pig of a AT15 eliminator flash suppressor. Both throw the concussion forwards of the shooters to make shooting the rifle nicer on the ears, and the other people shooting next to you. The flaming pig throws an eight foot flame out of the end, the eliminator completely eliminates it.

Plus two ARs for my girls. They will be 16" light weight barrel middies. With Magpul furniture.

Lets see... Remington 700 PSS, in .308 win. It can put them under a dime at 100 yards, when I do my part.

Two Rem 870 shotguns. One HD, and the other a rifled deer hunter.

Two 303 enfields. One Mauser. One 30-40 Craig. One Winchester 1876 centennial clone in 40-60. Three Winchester model 94 30-30s.

One Quigley sharps in 45-70. And it's a blast to shoot. I don't shoot it often as I cast my own bullets, and it uses a lot of lead per shot.

Hmmm...... Browning A5 12 ga, marlin guide gun in 45-70 as well. The pre Remington buyout, so it actually works. Three 22rifles. And a whole lot more I can't think of right now.

Handguns......Glock model 30 and 22... Sig P239, S&W scandium 357, and model 13 four inch 357. Also a model 10 almost mint, can't wait to shoot it this spring. Ruger bisley vaquero old style in 45 colt. Super black hawk in 44 mag. Uberti colt peacemaker clone in 45 colt. Barretta 92 FS. Remington R3 1911 stainless. Oh, another smith 22 pistol. 22a I think.... Wow, I have 12 handguns and I remembered them all! I know it's twelve because the two handgun racks in my safe are full and they each hold six. Though I usually have the 30, or the scandium 357 on me.

I reload for everything except 22LR. Especially the 50, the 40-60, and the 45-70. I actually have to make the brass for the 40-60 as no one makes it now. I cast for almost an my guns. I've got about thirty molds. And my reloading bench has five presses on it. A Dillon 650, RCBS rock chucker, rock chucker jr, a mec 12ga press, and a LEE classic cast for the 50bmg.

I will take some pics in the safe later, and get a shot of the bench.

Almost forgot, one AK-47, one norinco SKS that uses true AK mags, not those long eared SKS conversions.

And a real FN-FAL Paratrooper, not a parts kit.

I've got all the tools to put togeter AR's. the bench blocks, wrenches, punches, gas tube tool, split rimg wrench. I've built over a dozen now. If anyone in MI needs help let me know, we can meet at shooters service on a Sunday when I'm working and I can see what we need to do.
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"Illicit firearms thread?" Nothing illicit about it. :D Welcome to club BANG.

Holy Crapola, Batman, that's an impressive arsenal. And a 50! Yanno, most of that stuff is banned here. No fun! I should move.

I'm working on finding number three. I'm really digging precision smallbore, and quickly found out that, while my modified Ruger 10/22 shoots VERY well, it just won't cut it at the local matches. Fergedaboutit at regionals. Hah! I have a 1968 Anshutz model 54 on loan right now for eval; if I like it, I'll buy it. A REAL tack driver.
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got the last piece/upgrade for my baby....trigger kit is here and after a quick trip to the gunsmith my xdm will be complete.yay! only thing left are a few extra hi-cap mags and I can start on working towards a nice rifle platform. :)

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"Extra-high-cap mags...." You lucky duck.....
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Well lets see:

High cap mags?:

My three ARs I currently have built:

And the holy of Holy's:

Dang, I don't even feel like digging the nine out of my vest. Or even pulling out the AK mags. All I can say is they used to be cheap, and the shop got them in too often....
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:drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

quick question....do you find it a better value to build your own AR platform versus buying one and customizing it?
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It depends really on what you want to do with it.

You can get a stripped lower for 100.00.

Then J&T Distributing sells a complete upper plus everything for the lower minus the stripped lower for 549.99.

So for 649.99 you have a complete AR that will do 99.9 percent of what most people would need. Please note, the lower is the restricted item, meaning you need to either buy it through a private sale, or from an FFL dealer as the ATF considers the lower the actual rifle. Everything else is just parts that can be shipped to anyone's house.

Now that is a perfectly good rifle. It will do the range. And if you keep it clean it will work reliably.

Eventually you may want a combat-ready rifle. Meaning as reliable as possible. While the hobby grade above is accurate and maybe 99.5 percent reliable, you want as good as you can get on the two way range. Or the zombie apocalypse...

My last build, the tan one up front in the safe is my SHTF gun. Do I think something will happen? No. Not really. But could something happen? You never know. Just in case I custom built it to truely be mil-spec or better, aside from select fire which I can't own without pulling teeth. With the aimpoint reddot, and the spare battery I have ten years of scope life. That's if I leave it on 24-7. That's all on the rifle, which weights in just a touch under seven pounds!

I built that rifle for about 900.00. I couldn't sell it in my shop for less then 1300.00.

Custom building gives you exactly what you want, and while it can get expensive it will always be cheaper then buying the complete gun because you are not paying the federal excise tax on a complete gun you buy in a store.

AR-15's are adult Lego's. You really have to TRY to screw them up! If you need any info I'll be glad to help. I've put a lot of them together for myself, the shop I work at, and helping associates.

I'm 600 into my most recent rifle. You can see the upper on the middle shelf with the bolt in it. I still need a 2 stage trigger, bout 150.00, a Magpul battle stock, about 200.00, a gas block, gas tube, a foregrip, and flash/concussion muzzle device.

I'm buying J&T uppers for my daughters pink guns. Then I need to strip them, and send them out to be dura coated. Google Hello Kitty AR 15 for what those will look like in July. That will liven up my safe!
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Goog googly moogly, Del Ray! He he he! I'm still in the process of inviting number three into my "family." I'll have to post a picture of it, when I get a chance. I'm buying a 1968 Anschutz .22 competition rifle. This is Olympic grade stuff. Well, this particular one was, back in '68. It's still damn good now for most competition. A whole lot better than I am!
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The most fun I ever had shooting was up north at a semi private range. It was an old gravel quarry, and they had removed all the over burden to one three story tall pile. The range was 200 yards and was safely about two stories underground. Just a large pit. We had shot all morning and were acting lunch on top of the pile. I had a steel man sized popper then. And we were all shooting at it with 22s while we ate. It was great to shoot, and then hear the ping about two seconds later!

I would like to get a nice target 22, besides my single shot 1943 target master. But with only four spots left in the safe I have to be picky. And I just brought a type 30 Arisaka home, with the emperors seal still intact! And I've got A weatherby coming home Thursday, my first .243 Winchester.

So I'm going to be stuck buying handguns for a few months.

Very nice shooting there! Keep it up, all those skills will transition nicely to Palma!
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:D :D :D

Today I was able to borrow a proper shooting jacket and get down to business. I started from scratch and re-built my prone position from the ground up with the help from a couple friends and a fantastic instruction book. The position feels so much more stable now. I really appreciate the super adjustable stock, it really helps to have the rifle FIT.

Here is the Anschutz. I have it in the fancy stock right now because of the adjustability. I swear the stock alone weighs five pounds, but most of the weight is in the back with the butt plate assembly, so it's no additional strain on the left arm.

It's unloaded, safety on.

Doing OK, considering. I was pretty darned tired after all the jostling about getting the position right. I didn't shoot much.

Taking a break with an antique Smith & Wesson .30 special revolver. This is my first time shooting one-handed. I did better one-handed with this one, probably in large part due to the way that I kept banging my left knuckles on the trigger guard on recoil when holding it with two hands.

Took this last string easy. One wild flier -- I blame the old ammo that was being used.

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Never did post a pic of my antique ordnance....

Not all antique, but all very cool! The two pistol rounds are .45 acp, one date stamped from 1918, the other from 1945. The '45 one is cool because some people think steel cased ammo is new, in WW2 they did it to save on brass. The next thing by the 45s is a Sabot round for a 50BMG, tungsten perpetrator. The next is a 30-06 Dummy from 1943, normal 50 BMG round, then a 20mm Hispano round from 1943, and a modern 20mm, Big round at the bottom is a 37mm tank/anti tank dumy from 1942. 40mm grenade dummy at top beside the small cannon ball.

Also, guns just look good in the snow don't they?

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wow, love the M1 Garand.... very sweet!

I just did an unbubbafication to a Korean War vintage, British Lee Enfield No4 Mk2,
Someone had refinished the stock in poly, facepalm...... omg it looked like a table at a texas roadhouse steakhouse

Before unbubbafication:



Residual shine from just being treated with some linseed oil.
I used no sandpaper nor steel wool, just a gentle strip and scrape.

Some people should not be allowed to buy milsurp :p
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Some people should not be allowed to buy milsurp :p

I agree! I posted a pic of the 1903A4 clone I made, but don't think I posted the before pic....
Here is how I found it at a pawnshop....

And here is how it looked when I was done with it. Beautiful rifle, I traded it off to get a gift for my wife. Don't regret trading it, but I do miss that gun!
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Took some decent pics today, those ones just didn't do the ol' girl justice






waiting on ammo to arrive now

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It's been a while since I've been in here. No excuses, just keeping busy at work and at the range.

I went to a tournament a couple weeks ago, and brought home third place in the iron sights division. Woot! Three matches: Dewar, that's one 50 yard target and one 100 yard, then a 100 yard match, followed by a 50 meter match. Oh, what fun it was!

100 yards, .22 cal. 9 10s, 1 9, and 7 Xs.

Last weekend I took a Bridgeport 101 class, and brought home a nearly finished cartridge block/box. The last pic is the first coat of tung oil. I have some time before that one's done. While there, I also took some time to start refinishing an old, rusted bayonet. I forgot the before pics, but it was pretty bad.

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wow, very impressive performance Katie !!!!
congrats on bringing home the medal!

vertical mills are sweet, I have a small south bend lathe in the basement but would love a small mill :)
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Thanks, Av. :D I'm going back to the outdoor range tomorrow to do more work on the Winchester/NRA program. I got bar ten in Sharpshooter, and now I'm working on Master. :awesome: In one of the bayonet pictures you can see the half-assembled SS pin and bars.

Today was supposed to be an indoor practice, but some hoodlums broke in to the range (they cut through the roof with an axe!) and vandalized the place. Nothing of import taken, nothing TO take, just some serious roof and door damage. Idiots.