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Anything that goes BANG!

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That's cool. I GOTTA find my camera, dammit! I *HATE, DETEST, LOATHE* moving!

I noticed a definite difference in how fast the action moves on the carbine versus the AR. The AR is slow, and you can hear each step happen. On my carbine, it's fast, and kind-of blurred together. I'd love to go on youtube and find some slow motion videos of the action cycling. I'll do that later.
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Here is the full size of my avatar, as well as my oldest shooting my old AR-15

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D'awwww! Teach 'em young, and teach 'em well.
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...Hands off the magazine? Why? I'm not trying to be obstinate, I just want to know the why's of it all.....
Also, it is rare but if you ever have an "out of battery" detonation, it tends to blow the bottom of the magazines out... (violently)
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not mine, wish they were, my wife wont even let me stop in Big Timber after seeing the look on my face while walking around the Shiloh show room:

my 1911 and a holster made by one of my cousins for me:

my main hunting rifle, a Kimber 84M Montana in 260 Rem.

my SMLE No4Mk1*

no longer have the blue rifle(375WSM) or the Savage 99 but still have the Marlin 1895G in 45-70 and my wife's Remington Seven in 7-08
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Wow, what a collection. I have a while to catch up.

The scores are posted from the matches this weekend.
Saturday: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5GOBNsUMQeJU0NNSnhpQkVONDA/edit I think I did quite well for a novice. I KNOW I can do better!
Sunday's carbine match was easy: only two were competing, and we both tied with 377 points. Bill won via the tiebreaker, counting the Xs. He got two, I none.
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Nice 1911 Rattler, is that a Colt?
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no its a Para-Ordinance Expert.....low end starter 1911 but fit is pretty impressive for the dollars spent, so far not a single issue with it....gotta love modern CNC, its better than much more expensive guns of the past but still its no Les Baer.....
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If it's not one thing, it's another. I figured out why I've been getting really crappy groups Saturday when I had access to a spotting scope all to myself, and I could see each shot as it hit the target. I watched one go up, one go down, the next go up, and so on. I was absolutely stymied, until I jiggled the rear sight. The dang thing moves up and down a couple mm each time I shoot, making like a playground spring-bouncer toy. Ugh! I tried cranking the mounting screws tighter, got a ten, and then went back to the rocking horse. I gave up and left after a dozen rounds. Even the peephole part was working itself loose!

I need to go see a gunsmith about replacing that stupid sight, nothing but trouble.


Piece of crap.....

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"300 Blackout pistol" Colt upper with 9.5" barrel and Zombie Defense lower optic is a Vortex Strikefire
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Nice von :D
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vdub804 That is an EPIC weapon. I suddenly want one just like it.
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Looks so fun, it can't be legal. :lol:
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Ya, we would probably need to leave CA to have that much gun fun!
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shot a Daniel Defense 300 Blackout rifle down in New Mexico this weekend.....awesome gun, need to build one for that round....also shot a 500 Linebaugh revolver, a 45 Colt repro Low Wall, original custom 45-90 Highwall and a sweet old custom 458 Winchester Magnum previously owned by Ken Howell with a stock that was designed by Elmer Keith...here is me getting ready to bang a steel gong 130 yards away on my first shot with the rifle....that thing was awesome....

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Here's a really crappy iGlitch video of my first match a couple weeks ago. I was doing pretty terribly, but it's OK, I was having fun. PLEASE don't tease me for my bad offhand position, I did notice and fix it right after my friend stopped filming.


Be nice to the rookie. I'm doing dry fire practice at home, and can hold the front sight still longer. I'm going to a class next weekend. :awesome:

Here is the target, at 200 yards, after the match. That's 20 prone, 20 sitting, I think, 10 standing. I forget. All rapid fire, about 3 seconds between shots. No rush. :lol:

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that's pretty good accuracy for 200yds with sights!!! I bet you'd do even better if you put your weak hand further down the rifle so you can stabilize it more.
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Just an observation based on your target

Very nice for 200 yds btw!!!

If your right handed, your target may indicate trigger control issues.... (low and to the right) a corrective training technique for this is place a pencil in the muzzle (wrap tape or something around it to make it fit snug) then balance a dime on the top flat of the pencil. Now do your dry fire exercises and work on keeping the dime from falling. Make sure your finger placement on the trigger is correct, yada yada yada...

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Av, you've nailed the second biggest problem that day. First was lack of follow through. And my stance sucked. :lol: I am certainly going to try the dime trick, thanks! I'm also making a point of minding the angle my finger is at.

I cleaned the screws and tapped holes that attach the sight to the receiver, and then used enough med. Permatex to (hopefully) hold it in place until I can find a better rear sight. Being that it was grease holding in the screws before, I'm fairly confident that the glue will hold. Hopefully.

Gonna go find a pencil. Tomorrow. It's bed time now.