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Anything that goes BANG!

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actually the problem is the iron sights.....you should decide whether you want iron sights or a scope on it and ditch which ever you dont want for now and get a different scope base and rings that drop the scope lower if its a scope you want.....that rear sight is gonna be in the way for everything but a red dot as far as optical sights.....
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Fix bayonet!

No, really, fix the bayonet. Yikes!

Something came in the mail for the carbine. It's a work in progress, right out of the box. It has been sharpened, and used (derp!) to pry something open; I'll have to fix that. The leather grip is falling off, making this thing a perfect candidate for a set of wood scales. Woo hoo!

Makes a crazy kind of grin, standing there with an M1, bayonet fixed, threatening to perforate or puncture that eeevil shadow on the wall....

Rattler: Iron it is, for now. It will be as the bossman tells it. I will stow the scope, and get a better base for it later. I'm being bumped back to bench rest shooting, for a bit. Not sure why, but since I never got that time earlier (went straight to prone right out of the box), It'll be a welcome change. I think we're going to work on tuning the Ruger, first. I'm going to secretly work on tuning ME, too! I still can't get a reliable, repeatable sight picture; I know it varies a smidgen, and at these distances, a smidgen means a LOT.
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unfortunately the Ruger 10/22 is not a design that lends itself well to having both a receiver sight and a scope.....an AR-15 does.....whole lot of bolt action rifles can be set up as such but not alot of ways to do it with a 10-22....best to go with one or the other and skip dealing with the "chin-weld" :D you could make it better by switching stocks but then its going to be a PITA getting your eye to line up with the iron sights and only sorta improve your seeing through the scope properly.....

just pay attention when you go to buy a scope base cause there are gonna be two different kinds for your10/22....either a normal weaver/rifle base or a Rimfire base......from your pics it looks like the base thats on it now takes normal rifle type weaver style rings which is good....i still use the rimfire base and rings that came with mine and they work fine, you just need to pay attention when your buying cause there is more than one type of base for most rimfires and they are not interchangeable with the rings for the other type....
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I found a set of super short rings in the bag of parts that came with it. I'll try them out later, when I feel like removing the rear sight. But then it's all going back in the bag, for now. ;) Thanks for the tips, I'll remember that.
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Claws of the lion

"The Winter War"
My Finnish Sako M39







Between 1939 and 1944 Finland and the Soviet Union fought two wars.
The Winter War of 1939 and the Continuation War of 1941-1944
To supply the desperate needs of their military, the Finns cherry picked the best of their captured Soviet rifles and stripped them down into parts.
Keeping only the original receiver and bolt, they redesigned and improved everything else.
What resulted was a far superior rifle that had to shoot at least 1.3MOA before it could enter service.

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outstanding....would love to have a Sako or Sky refurbished Nagant.....only reason the Finns joined with the Nazi's in WWII is cause they had to choose which side to take Nazi or Russian cause there was no way they could stand alone against both as there was no way they could join the Allies AND fight the Russians so the Nazi was the lesser evil for them cause the Nazi's were going to largely let them do their own thing.....the Russian plans for Finland werent so nice....
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I have a couple photos from this Saturday. First up is the Zouaves' youth event, where any kid can come learn (and parents, too, if the line needs filling ;)). I estimated a minimum of 50 rounds per kid, and there were 37 kids, so we went through at least 1800 .22 rounds in the morning. After a short drive-through lunch and a hop over to south San Jose, Santa Clara Valley Rifle Club fires up the second Saturday outreach event. Anyone can come in and learn, just show up hungry! There was a special treat of two different flavors of BBQ tri-tip. Nom! Another 30-something participants, estimated about 1,000 .22 rounds, a smattering of .38, 9mm and .45, and one single .30 carbine unique gallery load -- just enough powder to squirt it out the barrel. He he he! I was *supposed* to get pictures of me and my two rifles, but we were hopping, all the way till clean-up time! We actually had to forgo the traditional evening plinking, there were just too many newbies. A good day, all around.


These guys are getting ready to try out my Ruger, moments before discovering a malfunction. Fixed, now. :headwall:

Left-to-right of the humble firing line.

This is why I love to teach. (that's not me)

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Katie, I wonder who had more fun, the students or the teachers :)


Considering the odds, the immense size of the Soviet invasion.... its amazing they were able to hold on.
As bad as their circumstances were, the Finns told Hitler and Heinrich Himmler that their Jewish population was off limits (there was an initial surrender of 5 I think, but after that no more)
Some of Finland's Jewish soldiers were even awarded the Iron Cross by Germany, but ummm declined the "honor".
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Butch, we most definitely had FUN too. It's always fun teaching. The tri-tip was excellent.
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nomnomnom, I bet it was.....

you need to come to knob creek one year, if you ever get the chance.
Be sure to stay in the camp site if you can, its an amazing experience unlike any other.


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Holy. Cow.

If you ever wend your way this way, do stop by and give us a visit. Make sure whatever you bring is CA legal, of course, but we still know how to have some fun! There's the indoor range and the outdoor 200 yd range. :D
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I took a couple higher-res shots of the Ruger, sans scope (because I forgot to put it on). I'm not a fan of all black rifles, but that's what I got, it shoots well, so I'll keep it that way until I can get a nicer, more ergonomic stock. Still, the kids on the public outreach day seem to be gravitated to it, and that's the whole point, to get them interested. It does kind of look like an eeevil sniper rifle, LOL! Until they see the stock..... :mwahaha:

I have no shame, I know.

Here are the targets from yesterday's practice. Bench rest, 50', Eley edge ammo, no scope. The first target, front and back, was me zeroing the rear sight. There's something wrong, I think that the front sight post is bent to one side. The front and rear sights are so annoying! I need to get a better set, really really. I pasted three or four times, this is about 50 rounds total.

The next group of ten looked OK. It's really hard seeing my shots when the target is up against the wall. Hard to see black holes against a black bull. That one flier? That's when my neighbor decided to switch to his .45 semi-auto, just as I was reaching the break point on the trigger. He went BANG, I jumped, and missed.

Next one. Embarrassing. I was trying to shoot through the noise. Fuhgeddaboutit.

Last one. I waited until Hotshot ran out of mags, and stopped to reload. Much better! I was told to shoot bench rest "for now," I assume until I start getting really tiny groups, then move on to prone, etc.

For those not as familiar with the TQ-1 50' rifle target, here's a little comparison.

I suppose that it's time for me to switch to the 11-bull competition air rifle targets. I can't tell where each shot is going, because they're too close. The bulls are about the same size, you just hit each one once or twice, and make it much easier to score.

(BTW, Andrew, I love, love, LOVE the auto-save feature! I blitzed and accidentally lost my post, and just got it right back.)
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More practice yesterday, after spending all morning working on the truck. Alternator R&R, FTW.

I started using the competition smallbore targets. I shoot each one once, and then go back around again. This way I can see my shots without them piling up into one big raggedy hole. This is the Ruger, shooting at 50'. This time I ditched the bench rest, and used a sling with my elbows on the bench, kinda like a sort-of standing prone. Or something like that. It's time for me to start working in prone, ditch the bench.

They're not perfect, but getting better.

Then I got to try a Colt 1911 A1 .45 pistol at 20 feet. I'm told that this isn't bad for a rookie. I haven't had much pistol trigger time at all, none previous with a .45.

Moving on to a Smith and Wesson double action K22 revolver. Fun little six banger, though a bit front-heavy for me, not nearly as well balanced for my hand as the Colt. Still.... :awesome: By this time I was getting tired, I'm really not used to holding out a pistol for an hour plus.

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Very nice shooting Katie, excellent by anyone's standard....
but the colored dots have got to go hehehehehe (just teasing ya)

I got the Finn out yesterday, my first shots with it... as expected it shot way high at 100 yrds, I was just barely hitting the top of the target
(they were originally zeroed for 200 meters)
Plus I was flinching a little knowing that when she goes bang that metal butt plate makes shoulder go owie LOL
Performed flawlessly, I was shooting current production 182g Serbian ammo.






(cheesey cell phone pics)
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I like your range. Cozy!

Heh heh heh! Colored dots stay... :mwahaha:

Thanks for the encouragement. :D Now I gotta find me a pistol that fits my hand. The colt sure did, and I really like the grip safety.
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Spent some quality time in the woods Saturday, put some meat on the table too!

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Mmmm, chow time!

Gonna tan the fuzzy side?