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Acidanthera bicolor (Gladiolus callianthus) Bulb Giveaway for Green Members

I currently have some extra bulbs of Acidanthera bicolor (Gladiolus callianthus) to share. This is a South African bulbous plant that can be grown with the South African winter growing Drosera species like D.cistiflora, D.pauciflora, D.hilaris etc..... They can also be grown outdoors in pots or in the ground in the warmer states (Hardy to Zone 8, possibly 7). I have 6 bulbs available, 1 winner takes all 6.


1.) You MUST live in the U.S.
2.) You MUST be a Green Member.
3.) Winner pays $6.00 Priority Mail Shipping.

Drawing will be held next Friday night, 12/19/14 at approximately 10:00 pm EST.

http://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab159/misskittin__photos/Garden 2010/Acidanthera.jpg
(Not my photo)

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I'm in..

1. CorneliusSchrute... Neat Gladiolus; thanks!
This was a tough one to decide. PM me your info Corey. I'll take care of the shipping.
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