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A few nep seeds

Free to a good home, SASE required
State desired group, one group per person please.

Those who have donated items to me in the past will get first preference. Next will be those members who are known for their overall generosity. After that it will be wide open. In the case of two equally eligible members showing desire it will be the one who was first to ask.
USA only.

Please don’t ask for these if you are unable to provide the correct growing conditions

Group A = 5 seeds of N. andamana or possibly N. andamana x mirabilis
Group B = 5 seeds of N. andamana or possibly N. andamana x mirabilis
Group C = 5 seeds of N. trichocarpa x hookeriana
Group D = 5 seeds of N. trichocarpa x Viking

Offer closes Saturday night
Only one of each group is available
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Hey av, i know i havent traded with you and havent been around long enough or had my plants long enough to express any generosity but i would love the opportunity to grow N.trichocarpa x viking from seed.
Sign me up for group C please. Thanks!
I would be interested in growing Group C (first choice) also and believe I could provide the conditions for them. As a second choice, Group D. Thank you! -Chris
I'd love to try my hand at Nepenthes from seed, A would be neat to grow I Think, let me know!
If found worthy :) Group B please.
Group C & D please..
Offer closed, wish i had enough to fill everyone's request but unfortunately I dont.
In the case of group C and D I used the trading forum history as a metric

If the SASE does not arrive within 10 days I will give the seeds to the next person
Check your PM's for the mailing addy

Group A = Vbkid
Group B = Dashman
Group C = Woodnative
Groud D = Massmorels

Received today! Boy was that fast! Thanks again!
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Received yesterday and potted up today. Thanks!