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2015 Japanese Aldrovanda giveaway part 1

The Aldrovanda is waking up and growing. So I thought I might send out a few sprigs. The plan is to do this a few ways in different posts, so if you wish to participate please read each one and decide which is appropriate to you.

First in part one, this will be for one plant to one winner.

The rules are as such as on most of the recent entries on the TP: Winner by RNG in a weekish.
$6 shipping on winner, no heatpacks as I don't have any.
Within a month, winner agrees to give away something not very common - as per a recent giveaway I won.
Ideally you will include the above stipulation in your giveaway. So as to pay it forward.
Open to anyone, but do read up a bit on care and culture after entering if you are not already up to speed on that.

Numbers, handles, 1) your handle etc.
1. Goodkoalie

Amazing giveaway. Thanks so much for posting this ;)
Came a while back :). Plan to post my pay it forward over the weekend.

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