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2014 TerraForums calendar preview!


I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
Thanks all for your submissions and such. Congrats to those that got in the calendar, you get one for free! And thanks as always to amphirion, for his dedication to the job and doing the graphics work for all 4 calendars we've produced! :hail:

Awesome! It looks great, is there going to be a back cover that looks like the right part of the picture?
No, there is no page that has all of the photos condensed together or anything like that. This is just the preview I get as I'm submitting the calendar online (with the cover being the one I had blown up at the time).
Awesome! Can't wait to see the finished product
Awesome! It looks great, is there going to be a back cover that looks like the right part of the picture?
back page... i guess that some thing to consider for next years. good idea!
Not sure how a back could be added... The only way to add a page that features all of the pictures would either be use the cover (like we kinda have in the past [my favorite]) or to use it to take up a month. It's hard enough to find somewhere to get these at a decent price and keep the cost to you guys under $20 shipped (my goal).
That said, I ordered the calendars tonight! Could pick them up as early as tomorrow (depending on how busy they are with the holiday and all)... Although, my purchase is the smallest I've ever made- I've never sold all of the calendars, and I can't afford to have my money tied up in calendars anymore. :p I plan on figuring out some type of sale on the old ones for people who purchase a new one... so if you don't have them- think about that!

really nice , maybe the best yet , cant wait to get my copies,
thenks amphirion, for your work, you da man .
love the close up work, and a much better variety this year, so thanks to everyone for your work too, its what we all love, sharing our pics and plants.
As far as adding a back with all twelve months on it why could you not just print double sided so that the back of the front cover has January's photo on it and the adjacent page the actual calendar. Then for December you would have the same thing but on the back of the actual calendar part for December you would have all 12 months shown. Basically when the calendar is closed the front would be the cover shot and the back would have all 12 months with previews on it. Anyway, I'm very excited about this year's calendar it does look pretty great and not just because I finally got a photo in it!
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The back of the cover is January's photo. The back of the calendar part of December is their "back page". I believe we could do a 13 Month calendar and add in the collage of all months as the next January's or the past's December... but again, that adds cost. Every year I spend weeks looking and fighting for a good price. The normal price to have a calendar made is $16.00- there is no way I could give away calendars to the winners (shipped) and sell the rest (shipped) for under $20 if I don't find the deal... But hey, if this idea is worth it to you guys for extra cost then we can definitely do it.
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I sent one of the calendars to Tamlin on behalf of Terraforums. He loves it! He sends his thanks and love to all who participated in the calendar and everyone here on Terraforums. He misses the forum very much but it will be some time still before he will return.