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  1. Lauderdale

    Countries of origin

    Perhaps some of you would be kind enough to tell me the country and region ( State or province) of origin of the following CPs.  Also, I would like to know which of the Nepenthes are highland and which are lowland? D. Binata Dichotoma D. Intermedia S. Dixie Lace N. Mirabilis x Tobaica N...
  2. G

    Nep id

    This plant was labled N. tobaica but I'm not sure if it is. It doesn't look like the pictures I've seen on line. Should I be concerned abput the spots on the leaves? Thanks
  3. S

    Lowland nep leaves not nice&green?

    Hey guys & gals, Thought I'd run this by you. I have my lowland neps in a 90 gallon tank under 2 twin tube flourescents (total of 4 tubes). They are all within 6 inches of the lights (at least their taller parts). They are all growing and pitchering nicely. My question is why do most of them...
  4. S

    N. tobaica...did i kill it?

    Ok, folks...I did a no no.    I tried to separate a basal shoot without un-potting the mother plant.  I THOUGHT I could avoid re-potting shock for the mother.   Guess again.       So I snipped the basal shoot from the mother, below the soil suface....and wound up with 90% of the roots on the 2...
  5. A

    N. tobaica: a lowlander, highlander or intermediat

    Dear all: I need to find out whether N. tobaica is a lowlander or highlander. Michael Catalani's site and Malesiana tropicals describe it as a highlander while Rob Cantley's site describe it as a lowlander. I can't remember what Andreas Wistuba describe it as. Which one is it??. Help anyone...
  6. G

    8 in. nepenthes tobaica for trade

    I have several vigorous 8 in. nepenthes available for trade. These are starting to get too big for their space and I'd like to move them along to better homes. I'm looking to expand my nepenthes and sarracenia collections. I'm especially interested in hybrid sarracenia.
  7. G


    Since I can't seem to be able to find any form of sphagnum moss, I've been forced to find other alternatives. For the ventricosax(rafflesiana x tobaica purple) and rokko x spathulata that I just got, I used a medium with peat, vermiculite, and perlite at about a 1:1:2 ratio. Anyway, the perlite...
  8. Tony Paroubek

    N. tobaica in bud

    One of my tobaica is sending up a couple inflorescences. It's green with a purple flush. I expect it will be a couple weeks yet before they start to open. Not sure if it is male or female. Tony
  9. fatboy


    Hey all Where to start?? I guess I should start with letting you know how difficult it is just to make this posting. I'm on a computer that has the full 16 colours and what I'm sure is an old 486 processor. The connection is sooo bad, I waited about 3 mins for this page to download and when it...
  10. fatboy

    A nepping we will go....

    After MANY delays, yesterday I finally bought my air ticket to Padang in Sumatra. I’ll be going near the end of June and staying for about 2 weeks. I’ll arrange for a hire car to be waiting for me at the airport so I can cut loose as soon as I arrive. I’ve just been sitting here on the floor...
  11. S

    Bare Root Neps

    Hey, soon i will be receiving tobaica and bical, i was infromed they are shipped with the plant, roots and some LFS around the roots. i bought this Schultz Starter Plus,. Root Stimulator to use on the nep cuttings i am gettin soon, on the back it says BARE-ROOT PLANTS, and here is what it...