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Bare Root Neps

Hey, soon i will be receiving tobaica and bical, i was infromed they are shipped with the plant, roots and some LFS around the roots.

i bought this Schultz Starter Plus,. Root Stimulator to use on the nep cuttings i am gettin soon,

on the back it says BARE-ROOT PLANTS, and here is what it says under it.

Bare-root trees, shrubs , and other plants frequently arrive in a dry condition. Unpack immediatly and soak roots in diluted solution of Szhultz Starter Plus Root Stimulator solution for up to 12 hours or overnight. After soaking, plant immediately.

thats what it says on teh label,. i was wondering if this would be good for the bical and tobaica??

or maybe i could plant them both in the hanging pots i bought and then use superthrive water (1 drop in a gallon) and water the media thouroly

could this stuff be too strong or should i just stick to the superthrive?
I personally wouldn't use the Shultz stuff. Catalani's bare root plants DO NOT arrive DRY. If they did they would already be dead. He packs them in a VERY airtight palstic bag and they are nice a moist when you get them I would plant them up (wherever you want to) and water them throughly with a drop a gallon of Superthrive. The one Nep, i belive Truncata and well the Rajah too I never soaked them in Superthrive and they were perfectly fine so yeah go ahead and use Superthrive on them if you want which i would say yes to do so. Remember if ANY CP places (PFT,Catalani, D'Amato) had thier palnt go dry while shipping there would be lots of phone calls to them, but you see they each have come up with a way to ensure you (the customer) that your palnts will arive wet and heathly. Phil and Jeff ship in pots that will not dry out, Catalani ships bare root Neps in very tight palstic bags to ensure water retension and D'Amato does both, pots and bare root shipping.
ahh ok, hopefully they will coem tomorrow

i bought better gro special orchid mix and heres the ingredients

35-45% raw fir bark, raw pine bark, and charcoal

i see orchid bark, some thick perlite and charcoal, its a nice mix, the other was just plain orchid bark =/

got the pots and hangers ready to go
The orchid bark mix sounds good. I would add a healthy quantity of chopped sphagnum and toss it together in a bag. Careful with the Shultz stuff.. it may be a fertilizer solution as well and not the best choice.
many plants and on top of the list Nepenthes are send Bare Root.
from my experience the best way is to plant them at the right mix with extra care to humidity for the first week you can cover the pot with plastic bag or keep them in a terarrum until they establised at the new home.
you had to know that Nepenthes are very sensitive to changes in place even if they comeing in pots and not bare root.
no need to add any other stuff .
Yeah Stefano I have the same Orchid Mix as you and I use it! Heh!
I just went out to Watertown yesterday and picked up some more from Lowe's out there. Tiony may know where that is.
But yep that will be fine and make sure that you add some sphanum too like Tony said. Arie also pointed out a good point that be careful with them the first few weeks, months as they are tender and tired fomr thier trip.
im so mad the darn things didnt come today
Hmm.....maby they weren't shipped out on the day I told you. Maby he got backed up, that happens you know.
yea i know

but still

everyday i wait for the mail guy to come, no box, i get so mad