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  1. M

    Joel's growlist

    Nepenthes N. campanulata N. sanguinea N. philippinensis N. neoguineensis N. ventricosa N. pervillei N. thorelli N. belli N. gracilis N. eustachya N. khasiana N. bicalcarata N. macrovulgaris N. alata N. truncata N. ampullaria N. burbidgeae (seedlings) N. madagascariensis (seedlings) N...
  2. emilias_garden

    Emilia's garden growing list.

    JORGE JOEL (EMILIA’S GARDEN) CP’S GROWING LIST. Mountains of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Nepenthes (Tropical Pitcher Plant): sanguinea ventricosa ‘Typical’ ventricosa ‘Red’ rafflessiana ‘Typical’ refflesiana ‘Gigantea’ ramispina x Dominii (rafflesiana x gracilis) x Judith Finn gracilis lowii...
  3. N

    Providing adequate air circulation...

    I've had a terrarium that has been successfully growing drosera and a couple of vft's for many months now. Everything I've read suggests providing some sort of air circulation for the tank, but none really mention how to provide this in a sealed terrarium (other then mentioning the use of a...
  4. T

    N. tobaica

    About how big do the pitchers on N. tobaica get? Is there a green pitchered varient? I'm asking because I bought one about 5 months ago (I think it may have been off ebay but I am not sure). It is obviously not ventricosa or alata or any other common knockoff. It is starting to get mature lower...
  5. Copper

    Highland neps

    I have decided that I would like to display some of my succulents so one of my chambers must go.  I prefer the lowland plants so I am trading off the highland neps.  They are in the green house right now and suffered some sunburn, but they are fine and all producing nice leaves.  They usaully...
  6. T

    Good easy starting nepenthes

    I have seen many threads asking what the easiest Nepenthes are, so I'll make it easier for anyone who wants to know. The easiest species are Nepenthes:  ...Highland- alata ventricosa maxima sanguinea khasiana fusca tobaica spatulata  ...Lowland- truncata rafflesiana reinwardtiana (i have...
  7. Jeremiah Harris

    Jeremiah's growlist

    GrowList 2020 Jeremiah Harris Carnivorous Plant Growlist Colorado Springs CO Jeremiahsplants@comcast.net Aldrovanda A. vesiculosa Brocchinia B. reducta Bybilis B. filifolia “Flowers mauve with pale lemon back”-Boulk area South Peninsular Kimberley W.A. B. liniflora Jeremiah's Cephalotus...
  8. R

    Robins growlist

    Nepenthes Highland alata   aristolochioides argentii bongso burbidgeae densiflora diatas ephippiata eymae hamata inermis izumae jaquelineae lowii Kinabalu (seed grown) lowii Mulu lowii Trus madi macrophylla maxima ovata platychila rajah spathulata   spec nov (Sumatra) talangensis...
  9. T

    What i bought at california carnivores!

    Well, here's what i bought: Sarracenia flava Drosera: aliciae slakii scorpiodes spathulata venusta capillaris dielsiana Nepenthes: merrilliana gracillima inermis tobaica In all of these, i tried to get the ones with the most plants growing in with it. I found a ton of D. binata with...
  10. T

    Tunasurprise's complete and unabriged growlist.

    Dioneae: muscipula Darlingtonia: californica Pinguicula: moranensis (?) Ultricaria: gibba inflata longifolia Drosera: capensis (typical),capensis (red) regia binata (dichotoma), binata (multifida extrema) pulchella adelae capillaris slakii spathulata scorpiodes dielsiana venusta...
  11. G

    N. tobaica "not"

    Not a tobaica!!!  Still these are nice looking.  This is an intermediate/Upper pitcher.  Just wanted to share. Glenn
  12. G

    N. tobaica "not"

    Not a tobaica!!!  Still these are nice looking.  This is an intermediate/Upper pitcher.  Just wanted to share. Glenn
  13. Copper

    D. nidiformis red, venusta and peltata

    Trades will come first in importance and will be sent out ASAP.   After trades I will take SASE ($2 for bubblelope or $3 small box and shipping).  If SASE - first - PM me, second - send the money, making sure to have a return addresss and a note stating which plants and what your forum name...
  14. A

    Possible fungus?

    I have what I think might be some type of fungus (or something else) on some of my Nep leaves. It ONLY effects the oldest leaves on the plant that have no pitcher anymore. It is also ONLY on a few plants and does not appear to be impacting on new growth. At first I passed it off as simply the...
  15. A

    More hybrids from exotica plants

    Dear Nepenthophiles: Exotica plants has a stock of unique hybrids available now: lowii x truncata lowii x veitchii-H/L truncata x aristo. sibuyanensis x truncata sibuyanensis x xtrusmardiensis macfarlanei x sibuyanensis (ramispina x macfarlanei) x sibuyanensis ventricosa x sibuyanensis tobaica...
  16. N

    N. platychila and others

    Had a few spare hours today, and managed to take a few photos that didn't turn out too badly. Thought I would share them with all of you, since I surely enjoy all the pictures that you post! N. platychila upper pitcher. Still pretty small, but it should be spectacular: N. hurrelliana. N...
  17. Flip_Side_the_Pint

    Nepenthes that you don't like

    Hey guys, I thought I'd make a new thread about neps that you dislike or don't really care to own. We all know what you do liike, thats an easy thing but I don't think I've seen a thread where we disscussed what we don't really like. I know its hard to say which ones we don't like because...
  18. A

    Lowland nirvana

    What are they? i want to try to aim for the PERFECT lowland conditions, in my lowland chamber. i'm growing n. x isamo kusakobe, n. x coccinea, and n. x ventrata. Pretty soon i'll be a acquiring n. northiana and n. tobaica. I want to achieve a sort of lowland nirvana. I want to know specifics...
  19. S

    Looking to trade for nepenthes

    I have a fairly large sized N.coccinea and a couple N.ventricosa to trade for Nepenthes that are not currently on my grow list. I also have non carnivorous Salvia divinorum plants to trade. Please note that I am located in Canada. Nepenthes Grow list : N x ventrata N.'judith fin' N. tobaica...
  20. V

    N. tobaica

    Ive been reading a lot of things about N. Tobaica. that petflytrap.com's tobaica is a hybrid that some people sells plants labled n. tobaica but really is a hybrid Im confused Maybe Ill ask petflytrap.com if their N. tobaica is a hybrid or something