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  1. mass

    LL's for trade..

    Pics are available upon request.. For Trade: N. alata N. 'Effulgent Koto' N. gracilis N. rafflesiana N. x leessii partially rooted cutting N. 'Velvet' partially rooted cutting To trade for choice H/L's only ~ plants below are either large or having multiple growth points): N. x hookeriana...
  2. ellisonk001

    Keith's Trade List

    Hope everyone is having a great summer. I know my plants are really enjoying the summer weather. I finally got around to compiling a trade list over the weekend and was wondering what others might have to trade. Please drop me a line (pm or email, ellisonk001@hawaii.rr.com (preferred)) if you...
  3. mass

    Tons -o- Neps

    The collection First N. specabilis x ventricosa flower to open! N. ventricosa x (macrophylla x dyeriana) sown seeds Freshly opened N. albomarginata 'Kuching Spotted' pitcher N. hamata about to open it's first leaf in my care! That's exciting for me.. N. macfarlanei N...
  4. srduggins

    Summertime pics

    With summer finally here, things are starting to take off, including: 3 different clones of spathulata x (lowii x ventricosa) 2 different clones of lowii x truncata veitchii - bareo highlands and tobaica x (ovata x veitchii)
  5. Dodge

    A few of my favorite Pic's

    Raff 99 Truncata X XTrusmadiensis Maxima Dark X Truncata Alomarginata Green Alomarginata Red Amp (Brunei red) Tobaica red Veitchii Thanks for looking :-D
  6. Ownage Plants

    nepenthes growing outdoors

    Hi, some of my neps from last year summer. Its winter in australia atm, cant wait for spring again! sib x truncata black dragon other side of black dragon goblin ventricosa x tobaica red ventricosa x tobaica red gothica upper
  7. mass

    Mostly neps, but all from boredom!

    Bored bored bored.. pics pics pics! think I've got some humidity in there.. Last week.. (N. 'Black Knight') This week.. N. 'King Tiger' pitcher popped up over night and double in size! N. ventrata was my first plant.. here's it's FIRST pitcher (in the middle) blending...
  8. mass

    Updates and new kids

    N. albomarginata 'Green' N. albomarginata 'Red' N. mirabilis x ampullaria rooted cutting N. mirabilis x tobaica N. ramispina 'Genting' N. sanguinea 'Orange' N. splendiana x (rokko x stenophylla) N. splendiana x hookeriana N. splendiana x (tiveyi x veitchii) N...
  9. L

    Lirazr grow list

    Grow list Liraz Nepenthes: N. bicalcarata "Red Flush",BE N. northiana , BE N. rafflesiana " Brunei Giant" (Clone # 99), B.E N. Truncata „Pasian Highland“,BE N. globosa (Viking) 1 plants] N. fusca (Sarawak) -C.K -R.I.P N.insignis - "Biak island" - from seeds N. insignis (Tayeve, Irian Jaya)...
  10. mass

    Today's Pics..

    N. albomarginata 'Green' and N. tobaica x talangensis Freshly opened N. albomarginata 'Spotted' N. ramispina N. spectabilis with 3 pitchering basals.. They grow up so fast!! N. talangensis
  11. maxposwillo

    Nepenthes Photos!

    Hey All, With spring here the Neps are sending out some great traps - enjoy the photos! N. dubia N. hamata 'Clone 3' AW N. ventricosa x aristolochiodies N. glabrata N. maxima x TM N. Red Leopard N. x 'Exotic Lady' N. mikei N. ventricosa x inermis N. ventricosa x...
  12. mass

    Pitcher picture..

    Freshly opened.. N. tobaica x talangensis
  13. mass

    TONS -o- PICS: more new plants

    Got a good list of plants in today.. but only took pics of a select few. Here's what I got and the pics I took: N. ampullaria "Bau Spotted" N. maxima N. miranda N. rafflesiana N. eustachya N. kampotiana N. ramispina 'Genting' N. talangensis N. thorelii x wittei N. leessii N. tobaica x...
  14. duckking

    Please identify this unknown Nepenthes

    Hello dear friends, Please help Duckking to identify this hybrid Nepenthes. I'm not sure where is it come from? I mean the original nrusery. Maybe TP, EP, BE... or just made by our local horticulturist. So, if you have seen this Nepenthes before, please tell me. Thanks. Ok, here is the...
  15. back2eight

    Some new neps

    Got some new plants today, but still haven't taken all the pics yet. Here's what I do have: Ampullaria Borneo Sunset Ampullaria Cantleys Red bellii x truncata Tobaica I have a better shot up close of a pitcher but it shows store name on tag so I couldn't show it Veitchii x platychila...
  16. doku

    Manny's grow list.

    Have been growing for several years here in Southern California, zone 9. (* = extra plants or can take division/cutting) Would prefer to trade for plants on my want list. Dionaea Muscipula *Typical Dutch Spider ‘Justina Davis’ A2 *B52 G14 Southwest giant Dingley giant *Low giant Czech...
  17. caesium

    caesium's growlist

    This is what I can remember Nepenthes: -boschiana BE seed -burbidgeae Pig Hill TC BE -burbidgeae x edwardsiana Malesiana -"burkei" from seed BE female -densiflora x truncata 'King of Clubs' seed BE -x Dyeriana -flava Wistuba -insignis Berkeley -x Intermedia (rafflesiana x hirsuta) Berkeley...
  18. CN

    N. Ventricosa-(Red) x Lowii x Ventricosa Un rooted cutting's

    N. Ventricosa-(Red) x Lowii x Ventricosa Un rooted cutting's... This Is to Inform some of you that I will be taking some cutting's from one of my N. Ventricosa-(Red) x Lowii x Ventricosa This weekend an will Have a few up for trade. So if You Have any interest feel free to PM me with your...
  19. Nepenthes101

    My grow list by Nepenthes101

    Here are the nepenthes and other carnivorous plants that I grow. My Veitchii Hybrids and other Hybrids Nepenthes Mixta x Maxima x Veitchii x Northiana x Veitchii-----------(MALE) keeps. Going to breed this one Northiana x Veitchii (H/L)----High Land----------(MALE)-- Keeps. Going...
  20. P

    Looking for Java Moss and Others

    Hi I am looking for Java Moss/Crystalwort, Hornwort, and Watersprite to fill the voids on my new aquarium for livebearers.I know that java moss is bad and controlling, but I need it to hide the fry and use as breeding post in my fish that I plan to keep. This tank is more about the fish and...