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  1. E

    Looking to get started with Pinguicula

    Let me know if you have seeds or something I can trade for. I currently only possess drosera spatulata seeds as I just recently started with this hobby. Thanks!
  2. S

    What's your homemade strategy for germinating Drosera seeds in winter?

    I have some Drosera capensis seeds that I want to germinate. However, winter is soon upon us and indoor temps will be as low as 60 degrees f (~15c) in the growing room. I stuck an old adhesive reptile heating pad to the bottom of one of those disposal foil lasagna baking dishes, so now I have a...
  3. F

    Birthday giveaway!! S. Jonseii

    Hi everyone! I am so excited, this is my first ever giveaway and I am ready to spread the kindness around that has been shown to me. My birthday is coming up on the 1st of November and I thought it would be fun to do a seed giveaway. I will pick two lucky winners the day after my birthday to...
  4. SerMuncherIV

    Nepenthes singlana x aristolochioides pollen available soon

    Pollen from one of BE's N. singalana x aristolochioides available soon. Looking for an attractive female to send pollen to. 50/50 split on seeds. Thanks!
  5. SerMuncherIV

    Heliamphora pollen

    My H. minor is about to bloom and I'd like to get some pollen for it. 50/50 split on seeds if it produces them. US only. Thanks!
  6. raycer491

    raycer491's Growlist

    Things I've got Drosera: admirabilis affinis “Namibia” allantostigma alicea "silvermine (?)", strap-leaf form anglica “Alakai Swamp” x "Andromeda (BCP cross of D. prolifera x schizandra) binata "Waihohonu Desert" burmannii: Humpty-Doo, Hann River, Hong Kong Red capensis "big pink", red...
  7. David F

    WTT Drosera regia seeds

    My grow list isn't totally updated, but you'll find the majority of my want list there. These are good seeds, you'll get good germination. Pm me with trading material for my consideration. http://www.terraforums.com/forums/grow-list/127363-david-flockens-grow-list.html?highlight=David+F
  8. K

    Where can I find seeds in Los Angeles

    Hi from LA and I'm having trouble trying to find seeds ... so I can grow in lA I want to find a legitimate ... seed seller plz help
  9. osito

    looking for sarr seeds

    Anyone have any seeds? Wanna start some under lights! 😁
  10. LifeOnMars?

    N. Spathulata x Campanulata Pollen Available

    Nepenthes Spathulata x Campanulata has one flower scape and another starting to form. It started to bloom this week and turns out it's a dude! Should have plenty of pollen if anybody is interested. Maybe share some of the seeds if you get some:p This plant has been a very vigorous grower and...
  11. K

    Hi!!! new beginner grower from LA california!!

    I want seeds that I could buy from specifically sundews !! But any will do I want to try growing from seed... I have t-5 grow lights and I'm ready anyone trying to provide charity for a fellow beginner :) thank you .. or buy from anyone ?
  12. K

    Need germination guide on sundews and info in where to buy seeds I'm trying to

    Hi guys I need help germinating sundew from seeds and where I could buy seeds that are viable ??
  13. N

    Aqueous smoke water

    Are there good source of aqueous smoke water for seed germination in the US? There are some products in South Africa, and Australia. There are pretty good evidences that aqueous smoke water can break seed dormancy, and Karrikinolide (KAR1) is likely to be the active component. I know some...
  14. D

    Assorted Giveaway!

    Alright folks, I have a little goodie bag of beginner seeds to give away today. Some of these are a year old and have been refrigerated since I harvested them, others are only a few weeks old. Winner will supply a SASE for the seeds, US only and lets say users with at least 25 posts. Standard...
  15. Alita

    D. capensis seeds

    I got a 50 seed pack of capensis harvested in July as a bonus for my order, does anyone want it? Make a list below please, winner sends a SASE. I'll wait until... Let's say Sunday night. If no one responds by then it goes to whoever posts, the seeds will be sitting in the fridge.
  16. DragonsEye

    Drosera hartmeyerorum seeds

    Tis the season. Have freshly harvested seeds available for trade. You can view my want list here: http://www.terraforums.com/forums/grow-list/140283-dragonseyes-humble-grow-list.html
  17. L

    Huge wish list

    Hi there! please check my long wish list. I look for many other plants if you have any interesting species please let me know. Seeds and plants welcome! # Drosera "Nova" # Drosera "Shibata" # Drosera "Zambiana" # Drosera amazonica # Drosera arenicola # Drosera brevicornis # Drosera browniana #...
  18. DragonsEye

    Byblis linifolia seeds

    Tis that time of year and my Byblis are blooming their little heads off and so the harvesting has begun. Not a whole lot of things I'm looking for. That which immediately came to mind can be found on my grow list...
  19. C

    D. Paradoxa, D. Burmannii, D. Indica, Neph

    Flickr Newcomers. Glad they can join me. I just hope the burmannii will still be OK after flowering... Its quite risky but the energy was spent anyways. I will just hope the seeds can work out because it seems my hand was quite bad with seeds..... I don't know what kind of drosera in the...
  20. Benurmanii

    Pinguicula chilensis seeds

    I've recently harvested quite a few P. chilensis seeds. These are pretty darn fresh, the last batch I harvested 7 days ago, and the most recent batch I harvested about 2 days ago. In my experience, these are a very easy species to germinate, much like lusitanica. If you're interested in trading...