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Is there something in particular that causes drosera capensis to flower? Certain number of hours of daylight or an over abundance of food? I brought my plants inside for the winter 2 weeks ago (zone 8) and put them in my grow tent only to have them explode into flower again, some plants with multiple flowers. I feel bad cutting of the flowers so I leave them on. I already have a couple hundred of these things growing so not like I need the seeds to grow more.

When they were outside I had them next to my compost bin so they were always covered in fruit flies. Since bringing them in I've fertilized them once with dried bloodworms. Figured they'd need a little energy to grow new leaves to deal with the different light source (LED).


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D. capensis flowers when it feels like it. I've noticed that it seems to flower more when fed, and may not flower at all when not fed.