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  1. quogue

    Carnivorous Plant Snaps Shut With 600 Gs

    Interesting article on the humble Bladderwort: Click the link And an image gallery with a statement that bats like to roost in N. Rafflesiana which eats their poo! Click the link
  2. kentosaurs

    Nepenthes rafflesiana Squat

    Just sharing my N. rafflesiana squat which finally started to grow and pitcher....Kind of a slow grower for me but well its worth waiting for :)..Has a bit of winged tendrill (not seen in picture) Close up on the peristrome Kenneth
  3. DavyJones

    My modest setup! DUW

    It's been quite some time since I've done a photo update, and with a nice snowy Saturday upon me, I thought I would take a few shots. With the doldrums of winter upon my plants, pitcher production has been low, and I'm looking forward to summer coming for many reasons. I'm hoping to thin my...
  4. kentosaurs

    Wild N. gracilis and...???

    Hey guys, went for a holiday with my family near the border of terengganu and well found some neps there :) Its my first time seeing wild lowland neps and well that made my day :) Here are the pictures. Here are some of the huge N. gracilis i found...Kinda hard to miss even though you're going...
  5. thez_yo

    Nepenthes I got from Hawaii (pics+labels)

    So here's the sinkful from when I first potted them up: And here's some pitchers pictures-- xTriffid [(kampotiana x maxima) x dubia] different xTriffid the no-label mutt xWhisper [(veitchii xx tiveyi) x (eymae x veitchii)] xDormouse [(ventricosa x bellii) x dubia] different...
  6. nepguy

    A few pics

    I thought I would post a couple of pics. N. spectabilis N. rafflesiana "giant form" N. splendiana x (spectabilis x veitchii) N. x chelsonii and N. ampullaria N. mikei My lowland plant case
  7. dboeren

    I like big wings and I cannot lie

    For some reason, I find myself attracted to Nepenthes with big wings on the front of the pitchers like N. rafflesiana such as seen here: It's even better if they're also spiky! More spikes can (for me) make up for being smaller as they still have a good visual impact. N. 'viking' (mirabilis...
  8. caesium

    How much cold can lowlanders take?

    Hi guys, My greenhouse heater stopped working last week and I haven't been able to fix it. I'm ordering a new one, but it most likely won't arrive before I go out of town on the 19th. Most of the neps I have in the greenhouse are intermediates, but I have some lowlanders as well. Temps outside...
  9. nepguy

    A few pics

    I had to take out some plants from a tank I was cleaning, and thought I would take some pics. These are pictures of N. x dwarf peacock and N. rafflesiana.
  10. J

    joel143's Growlist

    Nepenthes N. alata x truncata (St. Conrad) N. bicalcarata Sarawak Giant N. bicalcarata red x merrilliana - 2 N. x Dyeriana (mixta x dicksoniana) N. echinostoma purple N. xHookeriana (e) x merrilliana giant N. lowii x merrilliana giant - 2 N. lowii x truncata Wide Peristome - 2 N. maxima dark x...
  11. kentosaurs

    November neps

    Hey guys here are some of my neps...They are doing quite well with the recent colder weather. First of is this rafflesiana I love this miranda....never fails to pitcher for me Fresh pitcher of miranda Tiny truncata..... Coccinea Red dragon upper pitcher growing in direct...
  12. caesium

    Some pitcher pictures (mostly hybrids)

    The highland neps outside are enjoying the drizzle and cool temps. Nepenthes maxima x veitchii Older pitcher N. maxima x ((stenophylla x lowii) x (Rokko x veitchii)) Now for the greenhouse neps: Mislabeled N. burkei N. Dyeriana Song of Melancholy Another clone of N. maxima x ((stenophylla...
  13. duzu

    my nep terrariums

    1ST TERRARIUM 148L, 2x36W (T8) 6000K N.ampullaria ''Brunei Red x Harlequin'', N. mirabilis var. echinostoma, N.ampullaria ''Green'' and N. rafflesiana (typical?). These 3 little plants are growing in my shaded area. Nepenthes hirsuta and Nepenthes fusca ''flared peristome''. I had...
  14. TheFury

    TheFury's Grow List

    Grow List: Cephalotus follicularis (Typical) Drosera: D. capensis "Alba" D. capensis "Red" D. capensis "Broad Leaf" D. intermedia D. multifada D. nidiformis D. prolifera D. spatulata "Fraser Island" D. schizandra Pygmy Drosera: D. callistos D. nitidula x pulchella D. scorpioides Pinguicula...
  15. carnivoure12

    Nep Update Fall 201

    Well... It has been a while since I've made a thread, after being away on Vacation for two months. It seems to me that even though they were really healthy upon my return, they hadn't gotten much larger, i believe they all want a repotting so they can start stretching their roots. Windowsill...
  16. Nepenthes101

    Some awesome September Photos

    Hello all. Been taking some new pics lately of my plants since they've been looking better lately. To start off. Some nice nep seedlings I germinated myself. Next is my Newest Replacement Nepenthes Edwardsiana, This Edwardsiana is already showing new growth and has opened up a new...
  17. L

    Leoš´s grow list

    Grow list * Brocchinia reducta * Catopsis berteroniana * Cephalotus follicularis Dionaea * Dionaea muscipula * Dionaea muscipula "Red form" Drosera * Drosera adelae * Drosera adelae ´Giant´ * Drosera admirabilis * Drosera aliciae * Drosera anglica * Drosera ascendens * Drosera auriculata...
  18. H

    bugs and birds aren't the only winged things

    I just got 12 new rafflesiana var. alata from Thailand. They are small, but since you don't see too many of these, and because they are so spectacular, I am sharing :)
  19. Lil Stinkpot

    New future terrarium

    A short while ago we were given a huge 6x3x(almost)2 foot glass display case. This is the kind of thing you buy watches or cameras out of. Never mind the "redneck" stand it's on, it's all we could afford, LOL! The doors came mirrored. Once we get soem cash saved up, we'll have the doors...
  20. elgecko

    Looking for a few VFT's + Others

    I'm looking for the following VFT's: VFT - 'Bristle Teeth' VFT - 'Bohemian Garnet' VFT - 'Microdent' Other plants I'm looking for: Drosera alba Drosera hilaris Drosera purpurascens Drosera ramellosa Genlisea Heliamphora macdonaldae Heliamphora pulchella Pinguicula cyclosecta Pinguicula...