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How much cold can lowlanders take?

Hi guys,
My greenhouse heater stopped working last week and I haven't been able to fix it. I'm ordering a new one, but it most likely won't arrive before I go out of town on the 19th. Most of the neps I have in the greenhouse are intermediates, but I have some lowlanders as well. Temps outside have been in the mid to low forties at night and 60-70 during the day. I'm not sure what the temps inside the greenhouse are, but the roof is double walled polycarbonate, which should provide some insulation. Do you guys think it'll be okay if I leave my lowlanders in the greenhouse?

The plants I'm most concerned about are:
N. bicalcarata
N. northiana
N. rafflesiana
N. x mixta
N. x dyeriana
N. rafflesiana x veitchii
I would not let your lowlanders get any colder than MAYBE 50 degrees. But they would need that temperature spike in the day.

Lowlanders can deal with some amount of highland temp drops, but I really wouldn't trust anything dipping into the forties.

That doesn't sound like a good deal for those plants you mentioned. I hope you can fix your heater soon!
It's very important to know the night temperature in your greenhouse. If the plants are not big, I suggest you put them in your house or your friend's house, asking others to care your plants. You can bag them and put them in a bright shade.
rafflesiana and x dyeriana will probably be the most forgiving of the lowlanders you have. Maybe bring them in your house for the time while your gone?