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  1. A

    Mimosa seeds

    I have some fresh Mimosa pudica seeds If anyone like them please send me a msg. they are for free but like some CP seeds in return Arie
  2. W


    Hi, i wanna know if a ficus elastica decora, Colocasia esculenta, aralias (arboricola), well i have many plants how i know if the can be out of the house in winter, i have some mimosa pudica, all the leaves fall in octover and in spring she look like new, can i leave them outside?, what plants i...
  3. divaskid

    Divaskid's growlist

    Plants I have... Nepenthes N. ampullaria (spotted) N. bicalcarata (red x orange form) N. gentle N. Judith Finn N. miranda N. rafflesiana N. reinwardtiana x macrovulgaris N. saguinea N. tobiaca N. truncata (M. Clone) N. ventricosa N. ventrata (ventricosa x alta) N. veittchi Pitcher Plants S...
  4. D

    Wanted: mimosa pudica

    I recieved this plant a long time ago from flint, but during my move, they experience the first frost. Please contact me if you have this plant.
  5. K

    Mimosa in flower!

    hey guys my mimosa pudica flowered way earlier than i thought it would, could you help me pollinate it? pictures would be awesome
  6. K

    Mimosa pudica

    hey guys, i have been looking for mimosa for quite a while sometime, and recently i went over to jeremiahs house, well we talked for a bit, and exchanged some plants, and then we went to red rock gardens, next to jeremiahs house, well i came for the carnivores there, but first thing when i walk...
  7. N

    Mimosa pudica in flower...

    Is this normal? I'm employed at a commercial greenhouse, and my boss has allowed me to cultivate some of my plants there...I started 6 Mimosa from seed, they're probably about 3 or 4 months old. I was hoping they'd develop some seed of their own so I could insure another generation, but it looks...
  8. G

    Mimosa pudica

    I just had a birthday and I recieved a Mimosa as a gift. I had never heard of them before. They remind me of minitaure version of palm trees but when you touch the leaves, they shut, almost shy away from you. Absolutely the neatest thing I've seen since my first flytrap. I also got an...
  9. C

    How to germinate mimosa pudica seeds

    Hi, I got some Mimosa seeds coming, and i was wondering how to sprout them. I couldn't find much on growing them except that you soak them in warm water. I also read that once they're out of their seedling stage then they're really easy to grow. Do they need hight humidity? High light? Thank you!
  10. J

    Why vft's?

    Why do you grow VFT's ? Post your reasons! I guess I do because they exhibit some unique characteristics (for plants). 1) The traps move to catch food . (other plants move, eg Mimosa Pudica - Sensitive plant, but this moves as a defence, not to catch food) 2) They can digest protien and...
  11. S

    Mimosa pudica

    Hello,      I have seens everal post on Mimosa Pudica like, how to care for them, ect. Well I have compiled a care sheet for them, Name: Mimosa Pudica Soil: Mimosa Pudica like a airy soil that should consist of peat moss, loam, sand or perlite. Watering: Mimosa Pudica likes moist soil, do...
  12. S

    Flowerig mimosa pudica

    Hi, My mimosa pudica s in flower. It has the pink little puff balls that are really cool looking. Now 2 of them are open, so there maybe something I can do to enhance this, but the overall question is how to get seed? Thanks, Kevin
  13. goldtrap2690

    Goldtrap's vft care sheet

    i'm writng a book and for those with all those question on how to grow cps look here                                                                             INTRO: Venus flytraps ( Dionaea muscipula ) is the most well known cp in the world . It was first described by the govenor of north...
  14. T

    Mimosa Pudica

    What are the growing conditions of mimosa pudica to be sure that my conditions are the same . My growing conditions are : Temperature : 60 - 100 F , Soil : peat moss with perlite or regular dirt , Water: Tap , Climate : warm temparate , hot summers , chilly winters , Light : full to sunny ...