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  1. V

    nepenthes belli x ventricosa female, Pollen needed

    Hi Everyone: I have a nepenthes belli x ventricosa with two female flower stalks. Anyone with pollen that can help us out? I am not particular, any pollen will do. thank you
  2. A

    Pollen everywhere!

    If you live in south, you probably know that now it's the time that we have pollen everywhere. Didn't think this would be a problem, until this morning when I walked out and checked my CPs and succulents. They were all covered with quite a lot pollens! Should I move them inside? ?
  3. Sashoke

    N. spathulata x hamata pollen for 50/50 split on seeds

    Hello! I have a male N. spathulata x hamata that has just put up a flower spike, the flower is just forming so its not ready to be collected yet, but as soon as it is Id like to get it traded out ASAP, so Im hoping someone has a female plant in bloom! I dont really care about species/hybrid, I...
  4. theplantman

    Pitcher/Flower season has begun!

    Hi all, Just reporting in from Georgia, where it appears that once again the plants in the teaching collection are breaking dormancy. Dare I say they might be the earliest pitchers and flowers yet in the northern hemisphere? Invariably, 2-3 weeks after the solstice all taxa in the collection...
  5. Cthulhu138

    Wanted: Nepenthes singalana pollen

    My female N.singalana is blooming again and I'd like to get some N.singalana pollen for her. Will also consider offers of pollen from other species that may produce some interesting hybrids. Standard 50/50 split on all resulting seed pods. Thanks.
  6. bloks1995

    N. truncata pollen for 50/50 split on seed

    Hi, I have two flower spikes coming in on my N. truncata and am looking for suitable recipients. The spikes are just forming, so it will probably be at least a month before pollen is ready, but I figure it is best to arrange a match as early as possible. I am not terribly picky about the match...
  7. fredg

    Darlingtonia x germination

    This is a little intraspecies cross I made using 'Othello' as the pollen donor with my "Venom" ( pet name). Good to see a decent germination. Now all I need is a 50ft x 30ft greenhouse to grow the seedlings on in.
  8. plantsnfish

    MALE Nepenthes "Eldon Lee" coming into flower.

    I will have some pollen in the future, as my Eldon Lee is flowering again. This is one of Bruce Bednar's personal creations. Same as always, Ill send you the pollen, you send back half the seeds. EDIT: exact parentage: ([Kampotiana x Maxima]x[Northiana x Maxima]) x (Alata x Khasiana)-fwew...
  9. H

    Nepenthes clipeata Clone 3 AW Pollen

    Hey everyone, I'm much more of a lurker on this forum but thought that this would be worth posting. My male N. clipeata is coming into flower and was really hoping to find a female to produce species seed. I would love to send pollen to anyone that owns a female whether it is in flower or...
  10. S

    So, How should I start?

    Feel free to move this thread if its in the wrong space. There was no 'questions about terrariums' section here. X) So, I already have a 10 gallon fish tank that is empty and needs some sort of life form in it.But I think little terrariums to put on my window ledges would be nice too, since I...
  11. thez_yo

    Some pics before winter hits.

    I can already tell some plants are hitting the slow decline to dormancy, and the rest will probably slow down soon too. Because everything is outside in natural light, or behind a window with the same, even the Neps stop pitchering for the season once the hours of daylight dips beneath their...
  12. Cthulhu138

    Nepenthes boschiana Pollen Available Soon

    I have an inflorescence starting on my male N.boschiana, pollen should be ready to harvest in about a month. I would prefer that the pollen be used on a female N.boschiana or to make potentially interesting primary hybrids. Standard 50/50 split on all seeds produced. I will bump this thread as...
  13. Jcal

    heli pollen needed

    i recently checked my growspace and discovered a flower popping up from my minor. If anyone has pollen (any) i would love to work out some kind of trade.
  14. Whimgrinder

    Unique seed-grown truncata/veitchii hybrid for cost of shipping.

    This seed grown hybrid is three+ years old now. It is N. [(veitchii X Tiveyi) truncata] X open pollinated (pollen parent unknown). I grew this from seed given to me by a friend in Hawaii (my apologies, Keith! I can't keep it any longer - I need to make room!) The plant is about 15" tall and...
  15. S

    Clear jelly in Sarracenia flower?

    Spring is here, I'm getting lots of new growth and the sarras are sending up flowers so I'm trying to pollinate them. In the process of doing so the cotton bud I was using to pick up the pollen managed to get some kind of clear jelly on it. Apart from being clear it was very thick, but not...
  16. Cthulhu138

    WANTED: Nepenthes platychila pollen

    I have a female N.platychila coming into bloom and would like to get ahold of some platychila pollen. I always prefer to make pure species whenever possible but I will entertain offers of other potentially interesting pollen. Standard 50/50 split on all seed pods. Thanks !
  17. W

    N. robcantleyi pollen request Sept 2015

    Hi Has anyone got some N. robcantleyi pollen available as mine is starting to flower as of mid September 2015. Standard conditions of 50:50 seed sharing after successful pollination. The plant was sourced from Hampshire Carnivorous Plants and is the Queen of Heart x King of Spades cross. My...
  18. CPsam

    N. sibuyanensis x merrilliana pollen available

    Hi, Haven't been on here in forever, but I wanted to let you know I have pollen available from my N. sibuyanensis x merrilliana. If you have a female in bloom I'll go ahead and send the pollen out, split the resulting seed 50/50. It might be best to email me. sam.bookhardt@gmail.com but I'll...
  19. Whimgrinder

    Next on Springer: "My Nepenthes is a TRANNY!"

    I've heard rumors about this happening, but I wonder if any of you have seen this occur in your own plants: gender switching. I have a BE clone of N. vogelii that flowered 14 months ago, and provided me with loads of pollen, with which I successfully made several crosses. A few days ago I was...
  20. D

    N. rokko flowering, looking for pollen

    My female N. rokko will blooming in the next couple days, and I am looking for pollen. As always 50/50 seed split. USA only. Please PM if interested.