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  1. homer

    Planifolia photo

    I finally got a struggling planifolia to thrive... the trick was to provide a very high water table (almost at the surface) and strong light.  Here you see it growing a few inches below fluorescent lighting.  Notice the happy utric colony getting started. -Homer
  2. J

    Looking for terrestrial utricularia

    As the title states I am looking for some tropical terrestrial Utrics. Unfortantly I have no CPs to offer for them right now, but I do have some other odd plants: offsets of Rebutia perplexa, cuttings of a few different Stapeliads, a cutting of Vanilla planifolia, offsets of a few other orchids...
  3. rubrarubra

    Sarracenia Flava

    Hi, I have a packet each of the following seeds for trade. S. flava var. ornata - 10 seeds S. flava "red" - 25 seeds The seeds are fresh (harvested 2003) and I'm looking for most anything not on my growlist. I am not interested in any droseras but would especially like any of the following...
  4. Joseph Clemens

    Unripe viable seed

    <span style='font-size:12pt;line-height:100%'>I have been working at learning to grow Pinguicula planifolia. I am beginning to have some success. Yeah! I recently managed to get viable seed from selfing a solitary flower on a plant of this species that I just added to my collection. Curious...
  5. S

    Jim Miller's CP DVD

    I received my DVD from Jim and with great anticipation watched it last night. I was moved by the photos and video footage. To know that most of those sites and plants no longer exist; gas stations and KFC restaurants stand where these plants once were, was profoundly saddening. The beauty of...
  6. S

    Hi guys!hi guys!jim miller travel update and dvd

    Here is the latest travel log from Jim Miller from this mornings trip (9/21) God, I wish I had been there to see this! I can only imagine except I already placed my order for the video so at least I will see it. For all your arm chair cper jim writes; Hi guys! First off, the site on Highway...
  7. Pyro

    P. pumila and planifolia

    I am seeking these plants for a friend, if anyone has any available could you please contact me. Thanks much
  8. D


    I put this pic here because the ping is predominant. There's also a flytrap and a utric. This is P. planifolia...