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  1. Shadowtski

    Hello from Milwaukee, WI

    Hello from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USDA Zone 5B My name is Mike and I'm returning to my love of growing C.P. after too many years of letting life get in the way. I've been growing for a year now after not growing for about 15 years. My favorites are the subtropical Drosera. I'm rebuilding my...
  2. S

    LED for 11 hours a day OR 4 hours of direct sunlight a day?

    I have a wide variety of VFTs, sarrs, sundews, and a few mexican pings all growing in a mini greenhouse on my patio. Now that daylight savings has occurred I have two options. Keep my plants in direct sunlight for only 4 hours a day or keep them under the same setup I have now: hidden in a...
  3. Acro

    Light Watts for lamp

    If using a single bulb screw-in desk lamp to illuminate one 8" pot of VFTs, what wattage would be best for each type of bulb: incandescent, compact fluorescent, LED?
  4. masonix

    Too Much light

    I just made a new solution to my 9 watts led tube. It's hardly any heat at all and if I hold it it's feels as warm as my hand. Did I overdo it? Perhaps I should raise it a little bit, or can these plants handle the amount light? Does not look bright it was when I look at it with my eyes but...
  5. farmertom

    Seed set up

    Here's the modest set up I put together for a batch of highland seeds- never tried Nep seeds before, but a windfall literally put some in my lap at the SF conservatory of flowers a few months ago (I contacted the head of the bacps to alert the grower :) the light is a cheap LED on a 16 hour...
  6. N

    Fluence SPYDRx LED grow light

    I noticed that Fluence Bioengineering's web site is finally up (they have announced their products 2 months ago), and they seem to be shipping them. Fluence Bioengineering | Horticulture Lighting Solutions It is the same company as Build My LED, whose LED grow light was tested as one of the most...
  7. Pk93

    Pk93's Terrarium

    hey all! It's been quite a long time since I have posted anything and quite a lot has happened. I lost most of my already small collection of CPs over the year due to negligence on my part (things just dry up so quickly in hot/dry weather, and my cat likes to drink all the water out of my...
  8. masonix

    Mini Greengouse or Plastic bags?

    Hi! As i said, i'm a bit of a rookie on this. I just bought a new batch of fresh seeds, should arrive next week. I have used a mini greenhouse below a LED RB plantlight, and i have seen many that uses plastic bags so i've started to use that, same way. What is your experience whats best? The...
  9. farmertom

    Grow shelf advice!

    Hi yall, ive been growing cp's for a few years here and there, and since I'm somewhat settled in my current place, I thought I'd set up a more permanent grow shelf. I dragged a free-standing wooden shelf from the backyard to my bedroom's south-facing window, put a few trays of live sphagnum and...
  10. masonix

    My first Sarrancenia and i'm already doing something wrong!

    Hi, My plant is drying, although i have it in water. Bought it at Bauhaus where it was fully grown. Some of the pitchers are new since i got it about a month ago. 12 Hours of LED plantlight each day.
  11. masonix

    Is it time to repot my Sarracenia?

    Hi, I'm pretty new here! I bought a bag of soil, and i have dried Sphagnum moss, not live but blocks that swell as crazy when i wet them. I'm thinking, my Sarracenia which i have had for about 4 weeks seems to be a bit big for it's pot. Is it ok, or should i repot it into a bigger one, i...
  12. S

    Artificial dormancy- how long?

    I moved into an apartment that gets only 1 hour of filtered sunlight a day on the patio. Probably 3-4 when the time change happens. Due to this I started using a 300W LED grow light in my mini greenhouse as artificial lighting. The plants are outside and went dormant in October. I just started...
  13. S

    Which grow light for my mini greenhouse?

    I am using a mini greenhouse to grow a variety of sarrs, vfts, dews, and pings. Below is the link to the greenhouse I am using. I took out the second shelf and have all my plants on the third shelf. I also plan to put a grow light on the top shelf. The problem I am having is that my new...

    Will This Light Work?

    (As you may have seen from the number of posts I have made, I'm a noob at this site.:blush: So, I don't know which topic I should post this in. But, oh well here goes nothing.) Hello everyone! Anyone have success with LEDs for CPs? I think my T-5 tubes are starting to wear down and I want to...
  15. R

    Matt V's photo thread!

    Just wanted to share some photos of my neps and their progression. I grow my plants under LEDs. The problem I struggle most with is low humidity but it seems like really bright light helps harden my plants and sphagnum (resist drought). Ive built a second grow box to house larger plants though...
  16. N

    LSG PAR38-style grow light sale

    I noticed this Black Friday deal until Mon. https://www.lsgc.com/products/black-friday-cyber-monday?variant=8978702661 $99 for 4x 13W bulbs (normally around $160). Here is the spec: https://static.lsgc.com/downloads/dl/file/id/42/mynature_grow_broad_spectrum_specification_sheet.pdf PPF of...
  17. takitza

    LED lights

    Hi guys! My first set of grow lights arrived and I would like to know if they are at the required distance for them. They are 2 LED pannels with red and blue lights. Pics attached. Cheers! Trimis de pe al meu SM-A500FU folosind Tapatalk
  18. J.Gennaro

    Ancient Seed Project Part 2 Drosophyllum

    In addition to my Ancient Drosera Seed Project, I also acquired ~70 Drosophyllum seeds, dated 1996! Several people have told me that they have actually had higher germination rates with older Drosophyllum seed over freshly harvested seed. I guess we will just have to wait and see... That being...
  19. M

    plan to purchase a cham

    Hi everyone! I want to buy a cham! It will be my first experience. I decided with the cage. I want to ask about the plants and light. What are the most suitable plants to put in the cage with cham? Can I use the LED panels (as for fish tank) for my future cham? thanks
  20. N

    DIY COB LED info

    I made a blog post about how to make Chip-on-board (COB) based LED fixtures (here is the link). I included materials list, step-by-step assembly details (maybe too much for most people), information about driver selection, and measurement data using PPFD. Also I came across a couple of useful...