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  1. Ozzy

    April Fools Day

    I know everybody has been waiting for my "joke" this year, but I've had a change of heart. Instead of spending my time on a way to fool everybody I spent it a way to entertain you for a few minutes. In other words I couldn't think of anything that everybody will believe. I am just going to post...
  2. Ozzy

    Atomic Bomb dropped on Mars Bluff

    Believe it or not, a nuclear bomb was dropped on an American town. A Mark 6 30-kiloton bomb was dropped on Mars Bluff, SC by the US Air Force seriously injuring 6 people including 4 small children. This incident happened on March 11th 1958. I visited the site on March 20th and took some...
  3. Av8tor1

    LSSC Biological Series Seminar selected files (Real Player files)

    April 27, 2005 -- Development of a reconfigurable LED system to reduce equivalent system mass in an ALS + View Video March 24, 2005 -- Advanced Life Support Concepts: Plants in Spacecraft Environments + View Video October 7, 2004 -- Plant Production: Design Fulcrum for Water, Carbon, and...
  4. Av8tor1

    New LGM-5 plant light (LED)

    I was asked and volunteered to evaluate a new LED plant light. It is the Grow Master LGM-5, the company's newest model. Well it arrived today, of course the first thing I noticed was the addition of a few yellow LED's and one green LED to each of the 5 clusters (notice in the second pic that...
  5. B

    LED Grow Lights

    I would like to find out if any of you have tried using LED Grow Lights on your carnivorous plants. Do these work well for carnivorous plants? They're awfully expensive but, if they're going to do a good job, I'm tempted to invest in some of them for the extra precious and delicate carnivorous...
  6. Av8tor1

    Luxeon K2 LED info

    found a couple good PDF's concerning the new Luxeon K2, its new and suppose to be about twice as strong as previous versions (they can now handle as much as 1.5 amp ea.) they are about $8 USD ea. BTW, less power supply, less heat sink, optics... yada yada yada...
  7. J

    Soldering a led growlight

    Well I am good at soldering so I am thinking about buying 100 leds from electronic goldmine(my favorite wholsale place) and solder them up to a perf board add a transformer and grow.. What is you opinion on led lights and shold I bother trying ??? They have a wonderfull thing called bipolar leds...
  8. rattler

    my own LED experiment..........

    a member here was kind enough to allow me the temporary use of a LED setup. not going to name the individual because i dont want ppl bugging him for the same thing but if he wishes to identify himself thats his choice. however i am VERY greatful for the opportunity for the test im using some...