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  1. Millipede

    400 watts of LED power supply, question

    can i run 4 of these on a single 100w power supply? RONSHIN New Bright 100W Cool white high power led SMD chip bulb light DIY Emitter PCB LC00018 - - Amazon.com
  2. Satanas

    Help: Lights and just about everything else

    I currently have a terrarium setup for highland nepenthes. Everything grows really well for the most part. Although I do not use electronic AC, I think I should get into it (later here). I have various highland plants, however I can confirm that even some of the pickiest plants are doing well...
  3. S

    Anyone using LED shop lights?

    I have a few of these LED shop lights and use them over my Poison Dart Frog Terrariums. The leafy plants grow just fine. Feit Electric LED Utility Shop Light - - Amazon.com You can get these at Costco. The light output 3700 lumens, life approximately 50,000 hours, color temperature 4100 degrees...
  4. N

    Super easy DIY LED: Philips XF-3535L

    I just posted a step-by-step assembly of super easy DIY LED, which I have done about a year ago. 1 year is a long time in the progress of LED technology, but Philips XF-3535L is still great in terms of efficiency. The price came down a little bit over the year, but COB (chip-on-board) LEDs...
  5. MEOWorksCreative

    First Dionaea m. 'B52'

    I'm now a proud owner of the first of many Dionaea m. cultivars, the awesome 'B52'! Grown under LED lighting and showing the plant's vigorous growth and color. I especially like how the leaves keep getting shorter and traps bigger :) Few weeks after arrival More compact growth
  6. J

    My first terrarium project and grow shelf renovation (sorry, long read)

    This is part of my larger project to renovate my grow shelf once I move into my new apartment in a few weeks. I've been wanting to put together a highland terrarium for awhile now. With the Wistuba group order at flytrapcare forums coming up and me being worried about the few highland plants...
  7. WolframOmega

    LED grow lights strong enough?

    Hi all, I've been considering using LED lights. Are these strong enough for cps like Drosera, Nepenthes, and Heliamphora? http://www.ebay.com/itm/380792689599?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT...
  8. Flip_Side_the_Pint

    LED grow light users

    Hello, I'd like to add more lighting to my indoor HL chamber as of right know I have a 4 tube T5HO fixture. It does its job but I'm interested in supplementing with some LED grow lights. What are you guys using and what brands and models do you recommend? I'd like to stick to the high quality...
  9. F

    Growing and Cloning B52 Venus Fly Traps

    Looking for advice on growing these cultivars quickly and cloning them. I know how to pull a leaf and then stick it in some wet moss to form a new plant. Is that the best way? I wan't many clones fast, and I don't want to hurt my plants. I think I may have fried one of my B52 plants...
  10. R

    LF Red Sphagnum. Trade Passifloras, or Begonias, or Agapetes, or Abutilon or....

    This is really overkill, but since I already have the photos, as well as tons propagated... I'm looking for some of the very red sphagnum moss. I'm giving my mom a new Nepenthes and I wanted to have some for that new plant, as well as her existing Nepenthes. Red is her favorite color, and she...
  11. C

    Zombie Sphagnum or Algae?

    Just curious if i have a zombie infestation of sphagnum, or, of this is algae. and IF it is algae, is this going to be a problem? I am using a nepenthes potting mix from California Carnivores. I got these little guys from the Czech Republic. They almost died on me after shipping but seem to be...
  12. Tower

    Jake's Grow List

    Hey Guys, This is my list as of 06/27/2015 Light Fixture Used: One 300 Watt LED http://www.amazon.com/Extreme-189X-PRO-LED-Grow-Light/dp/B007CKC18K Pro LED 189X Nepenthes : Nepenthes Attenboroughii seedlings SG (two) Nepenthes Burbigeae x TM SG Nepenthes Dubia SG Nepenthes Edwardsiana Marai...
  13. AnIsleAteHer

    T8 LED growlight tubes

    Does anyone have any experience with these, or can comment on how they might preform with CPs based on their specs? I am new to the hobby, and know nothing about lighting... https://www.1000bulbs.com/category/2-foot-t8-led-tubes/ A friend recommended these too me, but I would love to get some...
  14. LuluMegan

    LEDs for Helis

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone grows heliamphora under LEDs and how they color up. I read on the icps website that LEDs may not be the best choice for helis, I also read that plants like the deep red lights. I was thinking about doing an LED set up because you can put them on a panel of...
  15. bluemax

    Homemade LED fixture

    While upgrading my petiolaris terrarium I was confronted with the question of what was I going to do for lighting? This is what I came up with. The components were mostly purchased from Home Depot - egg crate grating, E27 (screw-in type) sockets and standard lamp cord and a plug. In addition the...
  16. V

    LED Lighting For a Beginner

    So I'm about to expand to another shelf of a grow rack. I currently have 2 4-bulb T5HOs on the first two shelves. I'm considering looking into LEDs for the newest shelf, but have no idea on cost, requirements, heating considerations, etc. Generally speaking, is is practical to use LEDs yet?
  17. dionae

    My Heliamphora collection

    What up? Ive grown H. heterodoxa x minor for a while but really never got into helis because of their special needs. Recently someone offered me lts of divs so I said why not. I put them in a wine chiller with temps ranging from 50-67F and RH at 70%+ at all times. I'm growing them under a 36w...
  18. T

    brand new fly trap(s)

    I'm not very familiar with Dionea, since I'm used to just growing Drosera. Got this tiny group of Akai Ryu vfts in the mail just over a week ago, and I've had it in the window, just going with the natural cycle of the sun for its Winter dormancy. The temperature in this terrarium has been...
  19. Tower

    Tower's Growlist

    Hey Guys, This is my list as of 02/08/2015 Light Fixture Used: One 300 Watt LED 4ft by 4ft Grow Tent Mistking Misters Nepenthes : Nepenthes Attenboroughii seedlings SG (two) Nepenthes Burbidgeae 'Pig Hill' SG Nepenthes Burbigeae x TM SG Nepenthes Edwardsiana Mt. Kinabalu SG Nepenthes...
  20. Cindy

    Artificial lighting for CPs

    I used to have 3 shelves with all T5 HO setup. This year, I have reduced it to just 1 shelf while the other two will be LEDs. On a separate rack, I also have LED lamps (red/blue). All the setups are in ambient humidity which is consistently high by most standards. Reason for change: My...