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  1. M

    Good starter CP's for TC?

    For a while now, I've been wanting to do a bit of tissue culture. I'm still organizing information and supplies, but I realized I had no idea what to TC. I don't want to buy some expensive material and fail, and I don't have a very extensive plant collection. I am wondering, you jelly people...
  2. Av8tor1

    yummy goodies for the holidays Ho Ho Ho!

    This year I'm being the hillbilly gourmet for the holidays, fixed/fixing lots of special treats for friends and family. Back in June I got a big bunch of Madagascar vanilla beans and a couple big bottles of Svedka vodka and started some vanilla extract :-O Under the extract is a bag of...
  3. S

    Clear jelly in Sarracenia flower?

    Spring is here, I'm getting lots of new growth and the sarras are sending up flowers so I'm trying to pollinate them. In the process of doing so the cotton bud I was using to pick up the pollen managed to get some kind of clear jelly on it. Apart from being clear it was very thick, but not...
  4. ps3isawesome

    Can anyone identify this grass jelly for me?

    I saw something glistening on the top of my Heli's soil. It's a clearish jelly. This plant is kept in a terrarium, is this as a result of bad air circulation? thanks
  5. pokie22

    Nepenthes Tissue Culture

    Hello. Jeremiah generously gave me some Nepenthes Attenboroughii seeds to try my hand at in vitro culturing. I promised to share any progress, so here it is. I frequent this forum often, so it is only fair that perhaps someone can benefit. Let me preface this by saying that I have never...
  6. D

    A few plants needing IDs

    I would like to know their names, and for those i've already know their names, i'm just checking if it was correct. Thanks! Here are some cactus. --------------------------------------- http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-1A3A7ZkAcjw/TgRfqNDDdCI/AAAAAAAABr8/qjrsamJQPcQ/s1600/Cactus%2Ball.jpg...
  7. lizasaur

    What Living in Florida REALLY Means...

    I found this. And I love it. My mom and I cried because we were laughing so hard. I copy/pasted directly from http://www.floridaspizza.com/2010/11/15/so-you-want-to-move-to-florida-part-1-the-weather/, only because I wanted to make my own annotations and had to clean up the colorful language...
  8. swords

    Early June blooms

    Aloinopsis malherbei If you buy one of these from Lowe's (usually mislabeled "Titanopsis calcarea" see bottom entry) NEVER EVER, EVER NEVER water this plant directly! It will usually turn to jelly in a couple days if the soil gets evenly wet. Mist/spray it heavily every day or two so some water...
  9. PlantAKiss

    Late entry...Virginia Country HAM! philcula $25

    This is a traditional NASC auction offering which, due to other circumstances, I haven't had a chance to list. :-/ I'm offering a package (usually 3 slices in the pack) of Virginia Country Ham! YUMM!!!! This is considered a delicacy by most Southerners (including myself!) but many people...
  10. kamiljablo

    15 Pack Vegetable Seed Collection- You pick and choose the varieties! Est $11

    Hi! This is an offer for 15 packets of vegetable seeds. Highest bidder will pick 15 DIFFERENT seed varieties. These are the seeds being offered: BUTTERCRUNCH LETTUCE SWEET CHOCOLATE PEPPER PARRIS ISLAND COS LETTUCE TOMATILLO STEVIA (5 SEEDS) LONG CAYENNE HOT PEPPER GOLDEN CROOKNECK SUMMER...
  11. rattler

    this cant be good for me...........

    the wife wanted some sweet corn and since mine got a late start and is a few weeks away from harvest we hit the local farmers market.....she found some corn and a huge sweet onion aswell...........i was glancing around the tables and spied jars of a pinkish-orange...
  12. thbjr

    This is gonna be fun ..

    Well, I getting myself another plane. It looks like this. :banana2: In a month or so, I'll be an official 'jelly fish' flier!!!! .
  13. voodoolizard

    more slime molds and other photos

    an oddity from the mushroom world Camarops petersii the jelly fungi Exidia glandulosa misc. slime molds
  14. nepenthes369

    Hi from the middle of the pacific on oahu

    Hi I'm new to this forum and wanted to say hi. My main interests are Nepenthes, Drosera(small kine), and Sarracenia(small kine). I'm also interests in trading and most of all to learn as much as I can. :banana2: "It's peanut butter n jelly time, peanut butter n jelly time, peanut butter n...
  15. PlantAKiss

    Southern Hospitality Virginia-style (Winner RubraRubra $20)

    After you've spent long hours puttering over your CPs...weeding, watering, doing leaf pulls, mixing soil, pruning dead traps, repotting...*whew!*....you'll probably be gettin' kinda hungry! This is the Southern Hospitality kit...Virginia style. It consists of all "made in Virginia" products...
  16. Pyro

    Tuberous Drosera pics

    Thought I'd add some of my own after all the ones I have seen recently D. macrantha. 3rd year from seed D. ramellosa. 2nd year from seed D. stolonifera. This was actually my first tuberous. I started with a tuber about the size of a BB. The tubers for these guys this year were just...
  17. JB_OrchidGuy

    Thanks Ozzy!!!!!    

    Thanks Ozzy for getting me addicted to WWmad!!!             I am just pickin!!   Peanut butter jelly Peanut butter jelly  
  18. T

    9 carat imperial topaz

    I am interested in an ebay offering of this crystal, but I can't picture the size. Does anyone have a comparison scale for this? I know carat is weight not size. Topaz is a dense material if this helps any. So, is this stone the size of a standard jelly bean, jelly bellybean, average pea, BB, or...
  19. S

    My weekly trip to the monterey bay aquarium...

    Awesome jelly: Reef Tank Yellow Tang: This Ram is 3 feet long! Leafy Sea Dragon:
  20. S

    New jellyfish discovered

    NEW SPECIES OF JELLYFISH FOUND Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute scientists first noticed 'Big Red' in 1998 By NICOLE STRICKER Herald Correspondent Lurking in the deep waters off the coast is an alien creature that has never been documented. Until now. A large crimson jellyfish...