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  1. pills23

    My CP-eating bird

    Meet Billy. Billy is a Pacific Parrotlet. Billy's hobbies include screaming at passing subway trains, snubbing all of my attempts at affection, pooping everywhere, and destroying carnivorous plants. He first got his taste for them when he discovered a small colony of D. enodes on my...
  2. Z

    Byblisera's Growlist

    Grow List November 2011 Trades always welcome! Tuberous Drosera andersoniana auriculata bulbosa ‘Walker, WA’ cistiflora erythrorhiza ssp erythrorhiza erythrorhiza ssp squamosa ‘laterite growing form’ erythrorhiza ssp squamosa ‘sand growing form’ gigantea lowriei ‘Ravensthorpe, WA’ macrantha ssp...
  3. GemStateC

    GemStateCarnivore's GrowList

    My Plant List: Nepenthes: ampularia "melvino" sanguinea sanguina Ulu Kali x gentle x ventrata ventricosa maxima x trusmadiensis ventricosa x ephipiata Lovelock NN5201181 merrilliana hybrid Caesar NN1250251 Aeonium truncata Lorraine NN4881048 singalana x boschiana Predator HCEP112 robcantleyi...
  4. Kinabalufan

    Pygmy Drosera photo thread

    My Pygmy Drosera are making gemmae at the moment so i took a few pics if anyone else has pygmy photos please post them here also. Drosera pulchella Drosera x lakebadgerup Drosera enodes Drosera mannii Drosera scorpiodes Drosera scorpoides2 Drosera pygmea Drosera patens
  5. D

    Pygmy Drosera Gemmae for Trade (Australia only)

    Hello people, Winter is upon us and so is another gemmae season. I'm Interested in trading for other Pygmy species that I don't have in the list below, otherwise other CPs can do. Currently these plants are ready for picking and to trade ASAP: Drosera Allantostigma Drosera Dichrosepala...
  6. pik

    Pik's GrowLiest

    Currently Own Seedlings* 'Cultivar' ; "Distinct Trait" ; (Location) Darlingtonia californica (Cobra Pitcher) D. californica "Coastal" Dionaea muscipula (Flytraps) D. muscipula 'B52' - Peter D'Amato D. muscipula "Colorado Giant" D. muscipula 'Cupped Trap' D. muscipula 'Dente' D. muscipula...
  7. TheFury

    A few pics of my humble collection - picture intensive

    Hey all - thought I might share a few pics! A few shots of some of my pings that seem to be doing very well: P. esseriana (thanks SDCPs!) P. 'Sethos' (thanks SDCPs!!) P. moctezumae (made quite a nice recovery after a near-death experience) And the rest: N. ventricosa. Sorry for the...
  8. Kyle

    _ReApEr's Carnivorous Adventures [Picture HEAVY]

    Sooo, this thread is essentially going to be where I dump the pictures I take with regards to the hobby. It'll also likely be somewhere I ask questions and give updates and such. Let's get this party started! A shot of the whole carnivore room. The first day of the indoor minibog. A recent...
  9. Kyle

    _ReApEr's growing grow list

    _ReApEr's growing grow/want lists ##Growing #Aussies Cephalotus follicularis #Traps Dionaea muscipula Dionaea muscipula 'B52' Dionaea muscipula 'Cupped Trap' Dionaea muscipula 'Red Dragon' #Dews Drosera adelae Drosera aliciae Drosera binata var. dichotoma (Clone 1) (Thanks for the...
  10. klasac

    some pygmies

    Hi there! I took pictures of pygmies today as I moved them inside for the winter. They took night temps around 5C well, but now the forecast says frosts, which would be too much for them to cope with. I hope you like them!:-) drosera sewelliae drosera pulchella drosera nitidula var...
  11. L

    Linton's Growlist

    UPDATED 29/04/10 BROMELIADS Catopsis berteroniana (3/2/10) Brocchinia reducta (3/2/10) CEPHALOTUS FOLLICULARIS f. Red f. Typical DARLINGTONIA CALIFORNICA (1/5/09) DIONAEA MUSCIPULA Note : * Denotes official Dionaea cultivar Akai Ryu - The Red Dragon* (Triffid Park) All Green (21/11/09) Baby...
  12. klasac

    part of my dews collection

    I had to repot and unpot and deflask and reflask some of my plants and since I had them all misplaced, I took some pictures. Hope you like them:-) drosera affinis a'la bonsai drosera roraimae 'Gran Sabana,Venezuela' drosera roraimae 'Cerro Adua, Estado Bolivar, Venezuela' drosera...
  13. jimscott

    Cultivation of pygmy Drosera, by Jan Flísek and Kamil Pásek

    Cultivation of pygmy Drosera Jan Flísek and Kamil Pásek Pygmy Drosera comprise up a peculiar group that include the smallest sundews - small growth is a typical characteristic of this group. Most pygmy Drosera are found in southwestern areas of Western Australia. Only D. pygmaea is found in...
  14. jimscott

    Pygmy Sundew Sigtnatures

    The sprouted gemmae really do look different from one another: D. enodes D. carburup
  15. Brokken

    Got pygmy Drosera ... looking for Pings and Utrics

    Hi there, I have pygmy Drosera gemmae of the following varieties: D. helodes D. enodes D. occidentalis x pulchella D. x "Carbarup" I'm looking for Utrics and Pings not on my growlist.
  16. Hermopolis

    Hermopolis' Growlist

    MY CURRENT GROW LIST Nepenthes N. ventricosa Sarracenia S. x 'Judith Hindle' S. purpurea ssp. venosa S. rubra ssp. jonesii Drosera D. capensis "alba" D. venusta Utricularia U. graminifolia Orchids and Non-Carnivores Curcuma longa (turmeric) Musa lasiocarpa (golden lotus banana) Phalaenopsis...
  17. jimscott

    New Camera...a tripod would help...

    D. capillaris D. manni D. ordensis seedling D. helodes D. capensis & spatulata ]D. enodes D. ordensis x paradoxa D. lanata D. lanata D. filiformis, binata, and friends D. leioblastus D. allantostigma A mix D. palacaea D. lasanthiana D. scorpioides D. regia D. pulchella + D...
  18. BrassLeaves

    Brassleaves' growlist

    Brocchinia - reducta Byblis - liniflora Cephalotus - follicularis Dionaea - muscipula -"Dente" Drosera - binata - capensis - capensis "alba" - capensis "red" - enodes - filiformis ssp. filiformis - filiformis ssp. tracyi - intermedia - rotundifolia Drosophyllum - lusitanicum...
  19. Brokken

    Drosera palacea ssp palacea and enodes

    I'm looking looking to trade gemmae of D. palacea ssp palacea and d. enodes for other pygmy drosera gemmae NOT on my growlist: http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=115048 These are the parent plants: Enodes: Paleacea: If interested, please PM me.
  20. M

    My grow/trade list (2008)

    Hi! everybody:banana2: This is my grow list. Dionaea muscipula Dionaea muscipula ´ RED DRAGON` Dionaea muscipula ´ RED SHARK `= ´Red Piranha` Dionaea muscipula ´ GREEN SHARK`=´Sawtooth `...