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  1. jimscott

    Pigmy dew dormancy

    I have been cultivating scorpiodes, enodes, stelliflora, nitidula, and pulchella this year. This has been my first go around wuth them. I know that they would normally experience very hot, dry conditions during summer in Australia. Such is not the case in SE PA. Will they still produce gemmae in...
  2. jimscott

    D. stelliflora & enodes

    Just received some D. stelliflora & enodes gemmae. So, jow do I cultivate them? What do the adult plants look like?
  3. swords

    Using search feature on this site

    I keep trying to do searches on the names of the sundews and utrics I've got coming but I continue to either get "no items found" or a return on everything that starts with Utricularia or Drosera (or D. or U.). Is there a way to do a search for just certain plants like "Drosera enodes" and...