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  1. mikefallen13

    Unrooted cuttings of thorelii x aristolochiodes male and some other stuff for trade

    Ok, I was repotting my remaining nepenthes today and decided to cut my thorelii x aristo's long vine. I have a healthy basal so i dont really want to keep any of these. There were a few other things I wanted to get rid of as well. Im still looking for dews that are on my wantlist and cool...
  2. A

    P. 'Sethos' for trade

    I have 4 flowering size P. 'Sethos' up for trade. I'm looking for rosetted tropical dews (D. burmannii, aliciae, dielsiana etc etc). Also looking for U sandersonii. I have 4 (total) almost identical pings in 3.5" pots PM me with offers!
  3. Devon

    One of muh favorite 'dews.

    D. sp. "Lantau Island". 'Tis a very robust, colourful, and dewy hyrbid. It was very hard to get the colour right in these pictures. The plants aren't actually quite as orange as you see here... More like a dark red/maroon colour. quick shot The try hard shots. :P I'm going to have...
  4. B0B

    looking for a new nep

    hi everyone just looking for a new nep any highland if possible all i have to trade is a a big clump of flowering marston dragons a dutch vft a red crossed with a fine tooth vft and two unknowns could also throw in rooted cutting of a pudica and extra capillaris long arm a capensis red alba and...
  5. Rob

    Overseas orders.

    After a recent overseas order fell through, I hope to order myself somewhere else. Is this allowed to be discussed here? Some people say that we can and others say otherwise. Anyways, anyone interested in joining me in a order from czplants? They got a whole lot of dews in stock. What are your...
  6. Rocketcaver

    Bees in the bogs

    The last couple of weeks I have noticed the honey bees are really working my bog pots. They aren't paying any attention to the plants, but are getting "something" from the surface of the media. Some pots have moss, others don't. I can't believe they are just after the moisture, they can get...
  7. mikefallen13

    Mikefallen13's Drosera photothread

    I decided to start this thread since I have recently become obsessed with sub-tropical dews. I'll update this as often as I can especially if something particular catches my eye. Dont mind some of the sad looking dews, most are new arrivals and haven't had time to acclimate yet. The set-up (I...
  8. Rob

    Tropical Drosera

    Anyone willing to part with any tropical dews? I have for trade a cephalotus from Charles Brewer. I also want to get Drosera tomentosa, and will add other plants. Thanks, Rob
  9. JB_OrchidGuy

    Staghorn ferns

    I have 4 small staghorn ferns from when I divided one recently. I'm looking to trade them for dews Or vft. I will even do $6 shipping if nothing to trade. Thanks
  10. GemStateC

    Looking for Drosera and others

    I'm looking for (seeds/plants): -D. galbripes -D. cuneifolia -D. slackii -D. hamiltonii -D. hybrida -D. intermedia (temporate forms) -D. dichotoma giant -D. linearis -D. rotundifolia (as north as possible but any work) -D. obovata -D. camporuptestris -D. chrysolepis and ultramafica and...
  11. Keith

    Iowa City, Iowa

    Hello everybody I am from Iowa and am an orchid enthusiast turned CP enthusiast. I have grown plants all my life, but this will be my first year with CP's. Thanks for looking. Here are a few pics of my bog pots in October 2012 Here are some dews around the same time. Drosera...
  12. mikefallen13

    Looking for ascendens and graomogolenisis

    I'm really trying to find these dews, I was working out a trade deal for these species but it fell through. I don't really care about size of the plants. If anybody has either of these plants available to trade, please PM me!
  13. mikefallen13

    Mature darlingtonia for trade

    I have a large flowering size, single growth cobra for trade. I'm looking for any of the plants on my want list especially dews but I will still be interested in nepenthes offers. Please PM me if your interested!
  14. Peatmoss

    Finished the new setup!

    I finally finished my new setup, very shiny and it makes the lights super bright: Overhead shot of all my dews: Top shelf: Middle shelf: I got one of those magical fog-makers for the middle shelf: I also have a bottom shelf where I have yet to install the lights, and I have also yet...