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looking for a new nep

hi everyone just looking for a new nep any highland if possible all i have to trade is a a big clump of flowering marston dragons a dutch vft a red crossed with a fine tooth vft and two unknowns could also throw in rooted cutting of a pudica and extra capillaris long arm a capensis red alba and broadleaf but the dews arent flowering yet and have some dews if more is needed to trade but dont have a anything special so if you can help let me know thanks
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This is in no way an attempt to bag on you, but in the way of constructive criticism it would help us out a lot if you used punctuation in your writing (commas, periods, etc.). That would make it a lot easier to read and understand. As I'm sure you can immagine, reading your trade request is like listening to someone with monotone speach who speaks really fast and never pauses for a breath. You'd be like, "What?!?!?"
Again, just a kindly suggestion...
Sorry I don't have anything I want to trade currently, but good luck! I'm sure there is someone out there would like to take your offer.
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thanks for the constructive criticism rich offer is closed