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  1. T

    Australian Utricularia Wanted

    I thought you all might be interested in seeing a list of what is possible to see down under. Does anyone know if any of the species on the first list are in cultivation, and if so which ones and how do I get you to send me some of them >;-I)> Species on the second part of the list I have seen...
  2. goldtrap2690

    Night blooming cactus cuttings

    hey , my night blooming cactus grew too big so i had to make cuttings out of it and relocate it to a new location where it can grow freely . i have about 7 cuttings that i made and will grow when you plant them in soil . this is the cactus that has large beautiful blooms at night time and if...
  3. V

    P. pumila - i'm in love!

    Last autumn I received some seed labelled; Pinguicula pumila 'Pasco Giant'. Of several growers I know who also had this seed, I am the only one, to my knowledge, that managed to germinate and grow it. Of the two seeds that I managed to germinate, one has now reached it's full glory. Whilst...
  4. adnedarn

    Thought i would share a few pics

    It was bought labeled as Pinguicula lutea, obviously it is not.  It seams closer to Pinguicula caerulea .  Anyone wanna dissagree with that?      i polinated these with eachother and the flowers faded away within 12 hrs.  so i think they took.  (begins to pray) hehe.  well here they are. and...
  5. D

    P. caerulea

    ... and for a closer look...
  6. S

    Ping seeds

    hello,      I just got some Ping. caerulea seeds, do I need to refrigerate them for storage? thanks, Spec73
  7. swords

    Plant at the edge of the pot?

    I have been reading one of my newest books CPs of New Zealand by Bruce Salmon and noticed that in the cultural information pertaining to Utricularia it states to plant Utrics at the edge of the pot. I have planted mine in the center and they are slow to establish (had them a couple months now)...
  8. M

    Passion flowers

    Ah, my first passion flowers... my husband bought 2 for me for my birthday. One is a Vitifolia, and the other is a Caerulea. I am so excited! Does anyone have any tips they would like to share?
  9. swords

    New to Utrics, went on a shopping spree

    Hi folks, Yesterday I received the following terrestrial utrics: U. sandersonii U. cornuta U. simplex U. caerulea U. livida U. tricolor I mixed up a peat/sand planting medium and put it in 4" clear deli containers (so I can eventually see the bladders in the soil) at the moment the containers...