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Passion flowers

Ah, my first passion flowers... my husband bought 2 for me for my birthday.
One is a Vitifolia, and the other is a Caerulea. I am so excited!

Does anyone have any tips they would like to share?
I grow caerulea. it is vigorous and hardy outside here in northern England.
i do own this plant , mines is the type with purple flowers . I found a bush of the vines and cut a little vine off to make a cutting , but it's been a month at it has'nt done anything so I might as well buy the plant except of making a cutting out of it . Is it posibble to make a cutting out of it or do i have to wait longer . I also know that this vine makes fruit but I never tasted it before and do not know if it is edible
I am a New Yorker, and plan on growing them inside. My plantlets are clippings, and are very small babies. Do they need any special care other than no direct sun light?
Hi meagan,
Out of curiosity I ran a google search on passion flowers and came acrooss this FAQ page I thought you might be interested in. It's FAQs.
Suzanne (plantakiss) is a great person to ask about passionflowers. She's on a little holiday right now, but she'll be back in a few days. She was kind enough to start me on my first passionflower - caerula. I'm just waiting for them to flower!
How long have you had your plant? Do you have any idea how long it will take for a new plant to mature enough to grow flowers? I have a vitiflia and a caerulea!
I believe so, I think that is what I have. They are mini plants, with just a few leaves.
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</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (goldtrap2690 @ Oct. 03 2002,11:33)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE"> I also know that this vine makes fruit but I never tasted it before and do not know if it is edible[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>

caerulea fruits are edible but not particularly good!
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The flowers usually come around spring I believe. I live in southern california so it's a bit unpredictable for me! I've had moderate success in making a cuttings, about one in ten.

I've seen a mature plant before, the fruit was edible and okay, but nothing to write home about. There are a few other varieties that produce excellent fruit. The scent of the flower makes up for the fruit, they smell wonderful!
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Passiflora caerulea grows like a weed in southern CA, USA. I have seen plants with fruits growing on fences along sidewalks. I grow passiflora caerulea along with edulis outdoors year-round in my backyard. Both plants are planted directly in the ground(the temps do not get below the upper 40's where I live). P.edulis produces the fruit that is used in commercial passiflora drinks.Under ideal conditions, most passifloras can grow from seed and flower in a year-year and a half.
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I grow a few types of passionflowers. The only type I have tried cuttings from is P. eludis. The only real trick I had to figure out was keep the cutting in very high humidity until they are well rooted, but the same goes for many plant cuttings. I cut diagonally under a node and took most of the leaves off with the stem about 3-4" in the soil with rootone on it, I don't think any of that matters much though.

I have a unidentified passionflower vine I grew from seed ordered from a online seed dealer which I have since read many negative reviews about. Maybe someone can ID it. So far it hasn't bloomed at all but it is very big and overgrowing a few trees.

Unidentified Passionflower vine
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cuttings are really easy for me . 2 weeks ago I snipped 2 strong vines and 2 vines of jasmine . I put a rooting hormone on them and stuck them in the ground . today i discobered that the leaves fell off but the tendrils are gripping to things and ther are plantlets coming out of my passion flower . I believe it is caerules because it purple in color , i believe it is better to make cuttings during the winter and the place where I got the cuttings has flowers . theres something about the flower that tells a story but I don't remember .
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Passiflora foetida, has very sticky bracts around it's flowers. Whilst the primary purpose for these is probably to protect the flowers from herbivorous insects, it has been claimed that this plant also produces digestive enzymes and should be considered carnivorous.

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Shizuo it sounds and looks like P.caerulea.
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I bouhgt P.caerulea seeds.....and I have few extra, if somebody want? we can trade!
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to me, the fruit tastes like sugar mixed with water and a bit of something I don't now
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I just ordered seeds of P. Alata ,P.Edulis "Golden Gaint", P.Mollisima, and P.quadrangularis. The last three should produce some very nice fruit.