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hey , my night blooming cactus grew too big so i had to make cuttings out of it and relocate it to a new location where it can grow freely . i have about 7 cuttings that i made and will grow when you plant them in soil . this is the cactus that has large beautiful blooms at night time and if your lucky , when the bloom is done it will form a large bright red fruit that is very edible and delicious . it grows tall and is quite hardy . it has very small spines so be careful . i have measured and weighed ( hhhm , why did i do that ) each cutting , at the moment i'm looking for the following :

vft dente
vft all green
vft big mouth
vft royal red

s. purpurea venos louis burkei
s. flava
s. flava coppertop
s. flava typical
s. flava veined form
s. rubra wherri
s. rubra gulfensis
s. x excellens
s. x dixie lace
s. x mardi gras

d. capensis giant
d. spatulata kanto
d. brevifolia
d. slackii
d. hamiltonii
d. burmanni
d.filformis filformis
d. filformis tracyii
d. filformis california sunset
d. dichotoma
d. multifida
d.multifida extrema
d. x marston dragon
d. manii
d. occidentalis
d. palacea
d. pulchella
d. pygmaea
d. scorpiodes
d. nitidula x occidentalis
d. peltata
d. auriculta
d. gigantea
d. regia

cephalotus giant

byblis linflora
byblis gigantea

p. grandifolia
p. caerulea
p. lutea
p. ionantha
p. moranensis g
p. aganata
p. esseriana
p. ehlersiae
p. laueana
p. x weser
p. x john rizzi

u. subualata
u. bisquamata
u. graminofolia
u. cornuta
u. calcyfida
u. multifida
u. leptoplectra
u. reniformis
u. alpina
u. humboldtii
u. vulgaris
u. macrorhiza
u. minor
u. purpurea
u. inflata

n. bicalcarta
n. truncata
n. veitchii
n. hirsuta
n. merriliana
n. x dyeriana
n. khasiana
n. ventricosa red form
n. alata
n. maxima
n tobiaca
n. spathulata
n. x ventrata
n. x tiveryi

i will also take non cp's as well but i forgot what i wanted after i made this big list and if there is any cp's that i did not list that you think i might like then don't be afraid to ask . these are big cuttings and here are the sizes :

height :              
2 ft
25 inches
33 inches
30 inches
3 ft
3 ft
39 inches

these are flowering size cuttings and the genus is cereus , i don't know what species though but its quite common . the blooms are similar to the orchid cactus epiphyllum which also blooms at night . i hope will find some trades .
Any pics, or do you know the genus? Sounds like a really interesting plant though. I have a nice D. multifida "extrema" if you are interested shoot me a pm.
no pics and the genus is cereus , i think the species is columnarus or peruvianus , more likely columnarus . how nig is the d. multifida extrema or do you have anything ekse to add with that these cuttings are quite big