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Your Oldest Plant??

lil hokie

heatherfeather knows the weather!
Hello everyone!!

I thought it would be cool to hear how old your oldest plant is (carnivorous or not). And what would be even more awesome is if you have a picture from then and a picture of it now. Please share!

And...begin the awesomeness!
Probably my 10 year old N. edwardsiana.It's also one of my smallest.
I only calculate plant age by how long I've had it. So none of mine are older than spring of 2011 since I sold all my plants in 2006/2007 and moved in with my ailing father. When he died I started collecting again.
i wish i had a cooler plant that was the oldest but i have a jade tree that i rooted as a tiny cutting freshman year of highschool. it is now about 30 inches tall and has a ncee round form. lots of sentimental value

7 years i've had it now.

heres a pic from about 5 years ago. will have to snap one of it now

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I have a 5 foot N. ventricosa "red" that I've had for probably over 5, maybe up to 7 years now, can't remember.
Myles that is a cute plant!
I guess my oldest would be a clone of D. adelae that's been around my collection for about three years. Best five bucks ever.

I've also got an old ventrata I got at the same time, that was in a perpetual state of almost death until I cut it up. Hopefully I can finally see some pitchers.
By far...a Pothos I got in the mid '80's. The vine wraps our dining room...several times around, over 40' of vine.
That would go to my larger seed grown Burbidgeae, it is 16 (almost 17) years old. As for longest in my collection.... It would be drosophyllum probably.
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The oldest plant in my collection would be my N. X Red Leopard. It has geen growing ever since I bought it 5 years ago. As for age, that would have to be my victorian N. Dyeriana. The big nook must be over 100 years old!!
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A Euphorbia from a cutting given to me by my intro to Botany Professor in 2003, i believe. That or a Mamalaria cactus given to me by my dad around the same time.
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I have a Christmas cactus that has been in my possession for 33 years. My grandmother had it for many years before that. My oldest carnivorous plant is my Cephalotus that i have been growing for ten years.
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My ventrata and my truncata are easily 10 years old. The ventrata definitely doesn't have any of its original vines, though.
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my oldest plant is a 6-7 year old truncata
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these posts should totally come with pictures :)
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i second that myles
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My oldest plant is a cactus that is somewhere between 40 to 50 years old. It was originally my great-grandma's and she gave it to my mom, who in turn gave it to me because she hates it and "it's evil". I have no clue what kind it is, only that its some kind of night bloomer. If I can figure out how to post a picture of it I will.
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These are awesome everyone! I really like how some of these plants have been pasted down in the family. I am hoping to get a piece of a grapevine my grandma has that was given to her by her grandfather someday.

And of course pictures would be awesome!
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I'll try to post a photo of this aloe vera that was given to me as a kid to help remedy this brown recluse bite I had on my wrist. It was tiny then and now has three full sized plants coming out of a large pot. The pot has fallen over but is being supported by one of the aloe stalks now lol. Its gatta be upwards of 11 years old now.
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70 year old christmas cactus from my great grandmother.