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Yet another Nepenthes unknown :D


Greetings! I hope nobody minds if I throw my hat in the ring...

I got this cutting last Autumn, and finally put out its first pitcher... (Please ignore the small truncata that's acclimating below it.)


Here's a shot of the full leaf...


I can gladly take pictures from other angles, but I'm not certain what other areas of the plant I ought to focus on? Does this pitcher and leaf type look familiar to anyone?
Looks N. fusca-ish to me.
Beautiful.....I've never seen anything quite like it, but I suspect it has maxima in it's parentage.

Fusca x maxima perhaps?
Maybe maxima x talangensis?
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I would venture to say that it is N. x 'Lady Pauline,' which is indeed N. talangensis x maxima. BE propagated a bunch of a select clone of N. talangensis x maxima and distributed it under the cultivar name. The plant itself looks like it fits the description, and the pitcher has the distinct characteristics from each of the parents. Plus, the reverse cross (N. maxima x talangensis) looks quite different in a number of ways...

Anyway, I'd bet that it's N. 'Lady Pauline.'
Just wanted to say thanks to all for the input!

The consensus seems to be that this is putatively a N. talangensis x maxima (possibly a 'Lady Pauline' clone)...

I appreciate it! (Now I just need for it to grow enough to root some cuttings of the cutting...) :D