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Yellow balls appearing in living sphagnum moss


Hi guys,

I've noticed this phenomenon for quite a while now, but have never bothered posting about it. From time to time, these yellow balls appear in my sphagnum moss and then seem to disappear after a while. They're pretty firm, but feel like a paste when squeezed between the fingers.

Does anyone have a clue as to what these could be?

Here's a pretty poor picture I took with my phone, but it gives you the general idea:

so repulsive the camera didnt even wanna focus in for a better look :p

kinda reminds me of cedar apple rust type of fruiting body.
Some sort of fungus most likely..probably something native to your climate..
I have been using live LFS as a top dressing for almost 20 years..(on the other side of the USA)
never seen anything like it..

Thanks, Scotty. It's pretty interesting because nothing really seems to come of it. It will also show up on the very tips of the sphagnum as though it's oozing from them. Really bizarre.

Edit: Looks like I've found the culprit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endogone

It appears to be a mycorrhiza, so I'll happily let it work its magic.