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WTT S. Reptilian Rose

WTT S. Reptilian Rose & lf s. kilamonjaro

I have 1 division available to trade it is a med/large division and am seeking either sarracenia or lowland/lowland tolerant nepenthes.

I don't really have a sarracenia in mind that im looking for but would like to find more giant strains as well as colorful sarracenia. I am interested in species and registered cultivars; the same goes for the nepenthes.
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I have a n. X Wrigleyana that I could trade. PM in progress.
i already have one....but thx.
Are you interested in any tobacco starts? I have various kinds as well as a couple VFT Red Dragon I could offer. I also have a ton of Giant Sequoia seedlings?
LOL, had to try. . .
Are you interested in a flava rugelli once I get rid of it's thrips?
already have one....im sorry.

there is a link to my growlist below although not a pretty one.
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Have you found a trade yet?
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pm replied.....sorry for the wait.

after looking through several grow list.......i would def even trade for a similar sized s. kilamonjaro if anyone has a division :)

here is a pic....it's bigger than it looks and should definitely make some good traps for the next owner.