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WOW! Utricularia bisquamata flowers are SUPER TINY!


Gardening freak!
I recently got my first Utricularia, a bisquamata. It has now produced one flower for me! Man I had NO IDEA just how small the flowers are! Top to bottom it's about 5 mm! You almost need a microscope to really see the thing! Trying to get a good photo of it. NOT EASY so far.
Wait until you get some u. subulata and all they produce are cleistogamous flowers!

On a side note, that bisquamata will soon invade every cp pot you have if you let it seed.
Congratulations on getting it to flower. One of my plants just flowered after over half a year, which made me realize that it was not subulata but bisquamata.
I got it as a small plug and one day looked close and saw this flower! Even a magifying glass didn't help much to see it well! LOL! I need a better camera with a close up lens!