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Would "baby" cickets work?

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Let's see,
Velvet ant: Thats the one I could not kill buy stepping on it. Just kept walking like nothing happened. Red in color?
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hehh.. well, perhaps we know more because we stupid americans WATCH IT! ha! Really, I think it's more because we WANT to see something bad happen... isn't that sad?

Back on the nasty insect thing... have any of you ever been bit by a centipede? I have not, but I had a six inch one crawl on my chest one day... stepping on them does nothing, if you grab them, they flop over and start gnawing on you, they are like tanks, they can't be stopped, I finally just caught it with oven mits and put it in a sports drink bottle, then took it down to the apartment office and demanded immediate pest control treatment on my apartment... you should have seen the looks on those girls faces... the sucker was SIX inches long, with a massive ovipositer sticking out it's rump! Thank goodness we got it before it laid any eggs indoors.

Also interesting fact of note, Scorpions do not clean themselves as most other insects do, one reason roaches are so easy to kill with poison is they are supposedly fastidious in cleaning themselves, this spreads the poison, since scorpions don't do that, they can walk right across ground treated with pesticide...

The don't react well to hornet spray though, they stab themselves to death with their tail, also, if you put diotamaceous earth (sp?) on the ground around your house, when they walk across it they will die, because, also, unlike other bugs, the lazy bastards drag their bodies across the ground, the diotomaceous earth (sp?) carves slits in their underside, and they bleed out like the terds tehy are!
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Gross! A 6 INCH Centapide!!!!!! Wow the largest we get up here is about 2 to 3 inches long. Rarly you will and CAN find 4 inch ones. Nep.G.
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LOL and u think a centapide is a bad thing? When we went to Africa we had to have all our clothes sterilazied, drying them in a dryer, because there is a fly over there called the tumblefly and it lays it's eegs on anything including on the clothes on your clothsline and then when you put the clothes on the eegs hatch and the grubs crawl under your skin and start feeding on your tissues. Then once they have finished eating enough tissue to pupate they crawl out of your skin,drop to the ground pupate and then the whole cycle starts again. Once dutch lady who didn't get her clothes ironed or anything had 500 of these grubs under her skin all around her waist and she had to be taken to the UK for treatment.They are really painful things!
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That isn't gross. IT IS PUTRID AND ROTTEN DISGUISTING! Uhhh.... I see colors......Uhh... Ok I am back I think....... OK I am back. Really Mondo I would have left if I knew about that kind of a threat from that fly would be. I am never going to Africa! Well I had a pretty scary expirence. Well I went to my dad's friend's island. My dad friends name is Criag. So Criag owns this island called "Grape Island" Very good duck hunting spot. Anyways some of his sons who are my friends came too and I naturally went exploring. So we came back when I started to smell dinner. Well we ate and went to sleep. Of course there was a window above me and my father opened it since it was hot. It was summer after all. Anyways about 2 in the moring I felt something on my face so I open my eyes and froze for what had come out of the window was now on my face. A giant spider about 4 inches across! Huge hairy nasty thing. So naturally I jumped up and down to the flor out of the bunk bed and there was such a commotion but finally we killed it on the floor. Huge ugly hairy thing. Bleck..shivering. I hate spiders,espically when they scare the crap out of you when you are sleeping. Nep.G.
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That tumble fly is a NAsty sounding critter! course, they are just trying to survive, I will sear on someone I don't know's grave, that Centipedes will chase you down out of spite, they are mean mean creatures!

NG, I had a similar experience, we were building my sisters house, and it got late, so rather than drive back in the city we decided to sleep up on the second floor, mind you, the house was nothing but frames and floor boards at that point... I woke up around 2 AM, ran my fingers through my hair, and yup... you guessed it... Pulsating Love ball... I freaked out so bad I ran right off the second floor into a pile of sand that luckily broke my fall (It was about 6 feet high, so I didn't fall that far.

Everyone was shocked the next day when they woke up and my sleeping bag was empty... I was back in the city, sleeping soundly in my bed, after a nice long hot shower...

I HATE IT when things creep up on you!
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LOL i cant see how u's can get so freaked by spiders but it is very funny:)
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OH OH OH we r down at the sunshine coast for a month so we went to steves "australia zoo" yesterday and what a treat it was!!!!!!!We were so lucky it was new years day cause steve came and went in and fed the crocks-u know he attracted them to the billabong bank then fed them it was so AWSOME-I CAN'T BELEIVE I ACTUALLY SAW STEVE,TERRY AND BINDY IN REAL LIFE!!!!!!....oh it was awsome,,,too much stuff happened and i saw too much awsome stuff to describe it otherwise i would be writing for days.....ahhhahahaha i am so happy....
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You know RamPuppy I realy like spiders but eeewww! Not in my hair and especially not a bunch forming a "pulsating love ball"! That just doesn't sound good!
Or those tumble flies! I guess we're lucky here we don' have anything as disgusting as those

Mondo you are so lucky I bet that was so awsome to see.
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Hey all and PLB, :cheesy:
maybe all this is another reason I like New England so much--no giganto centipedes or PLBs! Notice that PLB(pulsating love ball) and PB(peanut butter)sound very similar? Imagine if I made a typo and said "I prefer my PLB creamy, not chunky!"
Ok I admit I like seeing Steve's show if I'm just flipping channels and, you know...I admit I like the show. I don't care if some of the animals are his, and I don't watch it hoping a lizard'll bite his nose(although something like that'd be funny!). I just think it's cool being able to see exotic creatures without having to be near them or pick them up!