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Would "baby" cickets work?

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Mondo, it's summer where you are right? I am assuming then, that it is definately not time for dormancy... perhaps the plant is just putting it's energy into absorbing the insect.

Pulsating Love Balls... dang.. I guess I didn't think much before writing that one... hope I'm not labled! Hah!

Are harvester mites and DDLL the same thing? I have never heard of harvester Mites...

If you want to talk about stings... I bet the guys from australia can back me up on this... I have heard the sea wasp (Jelly fish) is so poisonous that it's venom litterally explodes cells...

Then there is the stone fish (related to the lion fish) (Why do I expect PorscheGuy to jump in here?)
any how, the stone fish's venom is so painful that people that have stepped on them, or been ignorant enough to touch them, have cut off their extremeties to stop the pain... Now that, is some serious hurt.

Of course, any of you that have been stung by a south texas scorpion know that is rates just above '#### fire' on the pain meter. When I find those suckers I grab them in a pair of tongs and use a torch lighter to boil them right out of their shells... sounds cruel I know, but it is punishment for the entire species... I have toyed with the idea of tacking one of those burned husks up over entrances to my home... you know... as a warning to their kind to come no further! Argghh...

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The only safe scorpion is a dead one in the saying of Ram!
" Pulsating Love Balls" should be Ram's new nick Name!! :biggrin:We could call you PLB LOL Just Joking!! Havester Mites are sorta the same thing as a DLL. Except they are very small and ususally go unoticed. Nep.G.
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Speaking of poisons, when a blue-ringed octopus (grows to about 3 inches in length average) bites you, you don't feel it. usually the bitten person starts to get delerious in a few hours and drops dead later if not treated. a lot of damage from something that small eh?

pity about the scorpions though. they're some of my fave creatures.
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dreamscape have u seen that discovery channel ad about the guy who got bitten by a blue ringed octapus and that little girl? very funny lol
Um yes jellyfish r EXTREMLY PAINFUL and POISONUS!
The most dangerous creature in the world is the box jellyfish found around our coasts.dang how unluckycan we aussies be? we have all these poisonus animals here-lets see the most poisonus snake,octapus,jellyfish,...and a whole heap of others i forgot-lol there's never a dull moment here!
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yeah... pity the giant carnivorous wombat is extinct though isn't it?
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Austraila has those Platypuses too. I was watching a Discovery show on them and a man got " stung or horned " by one and his whole hand went black. He almost lost it! Nep.G.
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Oh yes, platypuses have a poisonous spur on their back feet (well, just the males anyway).
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Yes I forgot to mention only the males have the spurs.
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man, is there anything that is NICE in austrailia? I mean, sure, you have nepenthes, and cuddly koala bears, but you have Kanaroos that would rather slap you silly with their hind legs, funnel web spiders, deadly snakes (Like 8 of them right?) Box Jelly, Sea Wasp Jelly, Great Whites, need I go on?

Oh... and I think I saw a show where they believe a living fossil lives in australias outback as well, and reptile of dinosaurian proportions? Eats cattle and goats and sheep of farmers land and what not? kind of a aussie version of our 'bigfoot' I guess...
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You know, I've always wanted to go to Australia but I think you guys talked me out of it now. Oh and you guys forgot to mention the poisonous sea snakes. The more I think of it the more I remember the shows on TV too there was one on a rat infestation where hundreds if not more were just pouring out of a barn the poor kitty looked scared out if it's wits.
So Mondo is it realy as bad as I am starting to think it is there, or do they just not like tourists and figure these shows will keep out the rif~raf?
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hehhh... and let's not forget Steve Erwin... THE CROCK HUNTER! ARrrr...

I don't know what scares me more... him, or his crocks!

Isn't she a beaut!?

Now serisously... is his kid going to be wrestlin gaters at the age of 5?
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You guys DO know that the show is fake don't you? Nep.G.
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Actually nep g i am not proud to say this but that show is not fake-those crocks r as real as they get-some things like him finding a snake in a cave might be fake but thats about it.
LOL i love it here-like anyone we don't mind tourists but we r starting to get so many tourists it's a bit scary,not that i am saying i don't like tourists but well....
lol i can just imagine your guys image of australia it makes me crack up.
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What I meant was that SOME of the animals like the crocs and snakes are trained or are HIS animals. I never said they weren't alive. I just said it was in a way "Fake". We had an Australian lady in our area here and she stopped by to ask direcions for somewhere downtown in the city. So meanwhile I made a conversation while she was interested in my CP's and I asked here about that Croc show. And she said it was a fake since MOST of the animals are trained or his. So I was just taking another Australain's adive or knowledge. Nep.G.
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well, you did say it was a fake, with no qualifiers... but we'll let it go!

Hehh... just teasing you NG...

I think he freely admits that a lot of the animals he messes with are his, he is after all, a zookeeper... but any how... regardless of whether the black mamba he picks up is his or not, he's stupid... playing with a '5 step fred' (5 steps and your dead.) is dumb when you have a family that would miss you... IMHO.

Any how...
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That's how alot of people try to get thier face on TV. Do something stupid and bam your face is there. Just like a recent was to be school shooting in my area. Luckly no one was hurt. Nep.G.
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man... walk into a school with a gun... crazy... even if it was unloaded the punk should go to jail for a while...

I wonder if those guys that like to do crap like that would enjoy watching an execution, or live footage of a combat zone... I wonder if that would give them a respect for life.
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He is in jail. On a 10,000 thousand dollar fine. They upped it from 5,000 to 10. Nep.G.
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Wow u guys know more about that crock show than i do-lol just shows u how much interest i pay to it.