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Winter Storm Nemo


Here in the NE US we are getting hit really hard by winter storm Nemo, and its insane! this was about four hours ago:


(N Ventricosa xSpathulata)

now(7 PM):


So now its seven inches and we still have many many hours more of downfall to go. Me and my family made this huge ramp, and we think the snow's going to pile on it super high tonight. While we were out there we heard snapping noises in the back. I think we might have a few trees down by tomorrow. I'll update tomorrow, once the sun comes out and I can see my hand in front of my face.
Just lost power, I don't know how long it'll be before I'm back on, using a phone right now. I had to double post cuz it wasn't working. See you soon hopefully
Good luck with the power BioZest!
I'm sorry, did someone say something about snow? I was just sitting here on my comfy mattress!


Haha, I couldn't resist going outside to poke some fun at the South!

But seriously, that's some good snow! Hopefully your power comes back soon!
We will have a foot of new snow on the ground by morning..
(Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse give a big *yawn* to one foot of snow! ;)
pretty much a non-event..everything will be completely back to normal by noon tomorrow.

I will get to fire up the snowblower in the morning though! :)
(only the 4th time this winter..its turning out to be another "light" winter around here)

@peatmoss: :lol::

@n bicalcarata: :headwall:

@lil hokie: thanks

@everyone:moved the hl tank upstairs, cuz some rooms have little pockets of heat in them. I'm hoping they're going to ok. We got about a foot and its still coming down. I would add pics, but still no power, no Internet, so I'm using a phone. Talk to you guys later
I grew up in the Great Lakes area, so I'm no stranger to outrageous winter storms. (Did you sleep well on you "comfy mattress", Gabriel?!) There was usually one night every winter during which we'd get between two and four feet of snow in a single event. No sir, I don't miss that crazy sh*te one bit! Why do you think I moved to the West Coast?!
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Okay people of the north, I want to see a ton of snow pictures starting.......now! Go!
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I woke up this morning and its cold. We don't have heat at my house(or electricity) right now. Me and my family spent most of the day in front of the fireplace with blankets, trying to keep warm. We heard that the temp was going to drop tonight, so we had to find someone else to sleep. We packed up the car with my thirty gallon for my lizards and a ten gal. For HL plants, and you know all the other less important stuff like toothbrushes and clothes. We got about two feet in Narragansett, RI, but the ride up was crazy, we saw a bunch of power lines down because there were really high winds last night. Pics:

my screened in porch


screen that got blown in

my attempt to get light and warmth to my plants:

my back yard:

bird feeder:

sunset before we left:

I meant to take a pic of something I thought was funny. I had the thirty gal. + ten gal. around the fireplace to keep warm...it was funny.

I'm praying my plants and lizards can recover from the shock they have obliviously been through.

Me and my family are really lucky, we live on the end of a long, semi-private driveway and our neighbors plowed for us. If they hadn't we could have been stranded for a few days in our cold house :tumbleweed:.

Looking forward to seeing other's pics of the effects of the storm. Good luck to those who are effected by this.

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We got 15-18 inches here in Dutchess County N.Y. where I live. We've had much worse over the years but still, this one was a doozy. I love my snowblower!
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You are making me cold. Lucky for me it will be 62F here tomorrow.
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It was 2* F here last night. 35* F would be like a heat wave right now!
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We didn't lose power, thank goodness, but we have some major snow in the Metrowest burbs. We need to clear off the deck tonight. Things are getting heavy with the freezing rain that as been happening out here. We couldn't open the door to the deck, since the snow was up to where the window in the screen door starts. I'm hoping it melted a bit today.
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I think it did melt away some, but with this rain I'm afraid that it will all freeze over tonight and driving will be terrible. I think we're going to get a bit more snow on Wednesday too. My plants and I will be fine as long as we have power and heat though. I feel bad for anyone who doesn't have power right now.
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It has stopped raining, and this weird effect is happening. There's snow on the ground, but it's foggy:


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This was posted by a member on the pentax forums:

Last count I heard: 15 dead, three of those in Canada