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Winter herps! A couple Painted Ensatinas from my front yard

Humboldt County, CA

Gorgeous salamanders & fantastic pics! Wow. :hail:

The eye-level perspective is very cool and the clarity of the topside view is incredible. How did you happen to find them?
I absolutely love your in situ herp pics. I was a reptile and amphibian breeder for about 15 years and a life long hobbyist. Always great to see these animals in their natural habitats. Especially the salamanders. Populations have seriously declined here in the north east in the last 20 years.
Cute little critters! The only salamanders I've ever seen where I am is tiger salamanders, and they're pretty bland to these guys.
Thanks guys!

Ron - Both of these salamanders were under a plastic sheet in the front yard, I think it's to keep weeds from growing or something. But it makes good salamander homes as well!

Cthulhu138 - Yep, similar story here. With chytridiomycosis wiping out entire populations of endangered amphibians here in California, I wonder how many species we're going to lose in the next century.

hcarlton - Yeah, Colorado and the Rocky Mountain area in general tends to be pretty lacking in salamander diversity. Not sure why, because salamanders as a group tend to be less dependent on water (for both living and breeding in) than frogs, and there are several species of frogs in the area. :\
Stunning photos! I really like the second one. Looks like an inquisitive little guy.
Your photos always remind me of my urge to go take pictures of herps. Sadly they are all underground at the moment up here. But at least I can live vicariously through your images. Very well executed, and fantastic clarity.
that is a very pretty camera and nice photographer as well. thanks for sharing.
Adorable manders! Beautiful firey colors.

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Thanks again everyone!

Peatmoss - if you can find springs that flow year-round, that can be a good place to find herps like plethodontid salamanders even in the winter. I've seen it done in Pennsylvania, which I know is a lot farther south than Ontario, but it might be worth a look. You do have quite a few salamanders up in your province. :D
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I wish we had some here. I see the ones that stow away on Christmas trees....