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winter growing sundew question

are there any winter growing sundews that can live in hardiness zone 9 outdoors?
I don't think there are. When I got my tuberous Drosera, I asked the grower if I could grow it outside in 10b and he said it can't take freezes. I wouldn't take the chance. If you are worried about humidity (which I was) they don't need that high humidity to produce mucilage once they are adjusted to your growing conditions, although it will take a while.
What you can try is to grow them outside but if the weather forecast predicts frost then take them in for the night, assuming that you don't get frost in the daytime. Using larger pots might also mitigate the effects of frost, as would burying the pots in the ground. They should be able to survive brief frosts, as I've seen Cthulhu138's pictures of his tuberous Drosera growing back after a freeze.
How about D. rotundifolia & intermedia?
D. intermedia dies back to the crown in my mini bog, but comes back in the spring.
I believe Ras is referring to the Australian tuberous and ZA winter growing species such as D.cistiflora and pauciflora not temperate species like intermedia and rotundifolia. I would say that you can keep most of them outside in Zone 9 as long as they are brought in on the coldest nights where frost may be an issue. They will also have to be sheltered from rain in the summer during dormancy ensuring that they stay dry.