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Wild flowers from camping trip, interior BC

Went camping last weekend, and was treated to a beautiful display of many different wild flowers. I got some shots inbetween swarming mosquitoes, and just about being killed by freak wind storms:banana2:


I thought these may be orchids, but after some googling, they are Delphinium nuttallianum.







Not sure what this one is.



Here's a before, and after of the wind storm. I was taking cover under the white tent in the picture, and we would have been toast if that one tree that is left had fallen. Some more carnage pics 1, 2, 3.
The fishing was awsome tho:-D
Love that last one!
very nice flowers. i can see how the first one could have fooled you as an orchid.

i see you are a sea lover as well? starfish are pretty awesome.
Wow! Those cars in the 1-3 links are toast! A very harsh camping trip for somebody. 'Glad that you made it out o.k. 'Bet it was a tense night while the wind was blowing.
The wind came and went in like 5 mins, 45 mins later the sun was out again. I think it was a micro-burst? Freaky ****. Everyone in our campsite was ok, but a young guy on the other side of the lake got hurt bad by a falling tree. This Picture of the helicopter coming to get him, you can see the steam comming off the lake.
Holy cow! That is intense. How fast were the winds? That has to be seriously extreme to shear those large trees in half like that.

Is that a normal type of weather to have in the area?
Those are some nice flowers! And yeah... I don't envy you being out in weather strong enough to shred some trees :ohno:
Is that a normal type of weather to have in the area?

Not at all. We counted the rings on the tree that fell on the mazda, and it was over 200. Nobody had ever seen anything like it.
That's what I assumed... Those trees looked old.

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'Just amazing. 'Scuze me for not mentioning the flower pics. They are very nice. But a 200 year old tree snapped in a 5-minute wind storm - that is phenomenal!