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Wild drosera species found...

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Hey guys, it's been an interesting weekend.

I decided to go for a walk through a local park, as I was walking around I was taking in the scenery and running a bunch of thoughts through my head. I ended up walking to one of my favorite spots near this lake (just happens to have a few mats of sphag growing), and standing on the waters edge. I looked down and watched a few fish swim happily by, and some ducks sleeping quietly, their heads tucked in and eyes closed. To my other side I noticed a bit of errosion from the water, and some rocks and sand with a bit of sphag growing on top. Behind quite some blades of grass I noticed pin head sized rubies sparkling. To my absolute amazement I realized that these little gems were just as valuable to me, especially seeing them native (there are so few that I know of that exist here) to this area, and growing in the wild. They appear to be either D. rotundifolia or intermedia. Or perhaps even a hybrid of the two. I'm going to definately try to get some pictures for everyone.

I have a few questions about this though. It's on public land, and the spot they're growing seems to be a pretty frequent spot. It's one of those places a person would fish from constantly and step on quite often. Would it be wrong it take a few (one, maybe two) for preservation? With the idea in mind that I could propagate and reintroduce into the empty larger sphagnum mats that grow in less traveled areas? Also, I was wondering what the views are of doing the same with wild sphagnum? Would it be wrong for someone to take some in hopes of spreading it to a wider area around it?

Thanks guys, I just want to handle this in the responsible manner, and make sure one day my kids could see these wonderful creations growing wild in nature.
As long as they are not a treatoned species where you live I don`t see why not.
If you're taking them for the sole reason of reintroducing them into safer spots (when propogated), then I would say go for it! It could help, and it really wouldn't hurt.

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