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Wild D. aberrans and D. macrantha

It was was a beautiful, sunny winter day so I made a quick visit to a nearby nature preserve to see some wild tuberous Drosera.

(Click on the photos to see larger versions.)

There was plenty of D. aberrans colonies, some being very densely crowded. These were located at the edges of wet heath in sandy peat. Some of the larger plants were producing flower buds but saw none that had opened.

At slightly higher elevation, scattered along the edges of heathy woodland in sandy peat were D. macrantha subsp. planchonii. Larger plants were also starting to grow flower buds.

Thanks for looking. :)

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OOh nice... I love how macrantha looks like it has little mittens all the way up :p
Nice.... and fortunate!
Great find! That'd be wild to see.. Both have been on my want list for quite some time.
I didn't show it well, but in the first picture of D. macrantha with flower buds you might notice its interesting method of climbing. The leaves are in whorls of three and one of the leaves has a longer petiole than the other two. This appears more pronounced at the top of the plant to keep itself stable so the flowers don't flop around. The trap tentacles on these climbing leaves curl around objects which it then glues itself to. I pulled on a couple of these glued leaves and the bond is surprisingly strong.
How exciting! The D. machrantha are beautiful, wow!
Hi Sean,

Yes, this is at the RBG Cranbourne.
Thought so. Have you seen the D. spatulata and binata that also grow there? (along with D. hookeri, auriculata, peltata, pygmaea and glanduligera)
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I haven't seen the other species that you mentioned and have yet to explore a significant portion of the gardens. I'm hoping for decent weather this weekend in order to have another look.
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Cool! Really diggin the macrantha!
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Oooh, they're beautiful!!