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Who's going to the BACPS

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Those are some fantastic plants, guys! and WOW that burbXeddie looks awesome! :drool:
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Okay, here's some pics of what I brought home!

S. leuco Hurricane Creek White 'Clone E':


S. flava 'Bronze' horribly out of focus:


N. tentaculata:


N. platychila x veitchii:

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Nice plants Iwest! This makes me want next year to come even more :)
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Thanks! :-D Yeah, it was super fun, I'm definitely looking forward to going back. There were too many nice plants, it was hard to choose which ones to end up buying!
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You got yourself some real nice plants there! :) I'm most taken by the burbeddie. :)
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I came back with mostly Sarr's and no Drosera oddly enough. Guess I've collected all the common dews. The show plants were the best I've seen in the 4 years i've been going. I am absolutely in love with the oreophila x moorei I bought. I can't stop looking at it. I'm outside every 30 minutes looking at it and touching it (it's super hairy) and taking pictures of it. This plant may have made me a Sarr addict. It's a monster 3 growth plant, with pitchers 26in. tall and lids 4.5in. across. Against my better judgment I will leave it out front where it will get the light it needs. I also got a Leuco Hurricane Creek, but only 1 pitcher is entirely white. The rest have red splotches. I already wish I had gottten more plants. I can't wait until next year!